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Xbox will have no changes in its vision of exclusivity




Today a special Xbox podcast has been taking place where we would learn more about the future of the company, in which it was thought that they were going to take a path similar to that of a Third Party, that is who would develop video games but these will no longer be exclusive. Something that, to the relief of many, is totally false, given that during the interview he did with Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Bootyit has been commented that they continue to think that certain games will be exclusive to the company, not all of them will be shared.

Here what was mentioned by himself Phil Spencer:

Yes. There really isn't a fundamental change in how we think about exclusivity. We just came off a Developer Direct, which was an incredible show where we showed off great games coming to Xbox, and PC, and the cloud, really making them accessible to hundreds of millions of people. So we're very focused on a couple of platforms and what's going to appear there.

But our key is to play the games you want, with the people you want, wherever you want, when everyone plays, we all win… these have been part of our strategy for years and will continue to be. Our focus is on, how do we continue to grow the gaming industry by reaching more players in more places? And how we cultivate Xbox as part of that… Xbox as a hardware platform, Xbox as a publisher of great games, and Xbox as a platform for the best creators in the world.

With this part clarified, it has been mentioned that four games from the brand are going to be released in other places outside of Xbox, but no names were given, they only mentioned that two of them were not really planned to always stay locked on the platform. And they clarify that it will be the developers and affiliates themselves who will be in charge of making the revelations, so we will have to wait for future events, and with that in mind it is possible that this long-awaited announcement of HiFi Rush! occurs in a NintendoDirect.

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Editor's note: With this it is clear that they will continue to have their exclusives and not everything new that comes out will be released for the different consoles. So now we just have to find out which four mysterious titles are on their way to more platforms.

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