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Xbox will not withdraw from the console market




Since last Sunday, interesting rumors have been launched regarding the future of Xboxgiven that there is talk of the launch of exclusive video games from the company such as Starfield or Hi-Fi Rush in other places like PlayStation 5, this due to leaks discovered by data miners. With this information in mind, people have come to think that the company is going to withdraw from the console market for the next generation, and it seems that this idea is far from reality.

Through a new broadcast of the podcast specialized in the brand, the specialist user known as MAGG (middleagegameguy), mentioned that he knows a lot about the future of the company in terms of the launch of television consoles. And within what was mentioned, it came to light that there are two more projects on the way, one traditional to put on the monitors and another that can be similar to nintendo switchwith everything and the possibility of a hybrid way.

Here is a part of what was mentioned:

The other thing is that it won't be a single console, it will be a multifaceted console. One console will be the one that goes under the TV on the Series that they would specialize.

They also added this:

That's what they say. And, once again, the Surface team will take the reins. It's an interesting piece of information. That appears to be what is happening and appears to be targeting the latter part of 2026.

Although it seems to be very safe information, the editors added to the conversation that all this information should be taken with a grain of salt, since in the end they could be discarded projects that will not see the light of day, depending on the study carried out. Microsoft at the time. However, it may make some sense for something of this type to be launched, since then they could integrate Game Pass natively, given that on similar devices many movements must be made that force the user to follow more steps.

Via: Xbox Podcast

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Editor's note: Xbox is definitely missing from the market, I feel like they are exaggerating a lot when they say that it will disappear as soon as the generation ends, because if they did, Game Pass would make no sense and leave it only on computers and the cloud. For now, it is certain that the consoles will continue to be launched by this company.

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