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Yatch Club Games announces new Shovel Knight




The present day Yatch Club Games has carried out a new presentation in which they let us know some of their new features for the coming years, and not much has been known about the development company since two years ago when they presented their next great title, Mina The Hollower. However, this absence has been worth it for the fans, since they claimed not only to be working on that project, but also on something that fans of the indie world will totally fall in love with.

Through their event they announced that they are creating a new title of the beloved franchise of Shovel Knightwhich was in development for many years, since the base game was launched in 2014, but over time it was updated until it had four campaigns in the so-called Treasure Trove. The best thing is that the company declared that the next title will not be a simple sequel, but rather a significant leap for the franchise that fans can expect.

Here is part of what was mentioned:

The new main game Shovel Knight is in development. It’s not just another sequel. It’s a bold new adventure that will launch Shovel Knight into a whole new dimension of gameplay.

Subtle clues for the new title are scattered throughout the current Shovel Knight titles.

Within the message they mention that there are subtle clues of what this game will be in past installments of the saga, the most current ones, so users will be able to search the spinoffs such as D.I.G. and Pocket Dungeon to satisfy this mystery that now will not leave their minds. Add to that the team will be adding additional content for these titles, another reason to revisit them in the coming days.

For now, the date of the next Shovel Knight It is not known and the platforms were not confirmed either.

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Author’s note: It is very good that a new knight game has been announced, but please say more about Mina The Hollower, it is the most important one at the moment.

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