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Yoko Shimomura is already making music for Kingdom Hearts 4




In 2022 the franchise will celebrate its 20th anniversary Kingdom Hearts, with important announcements such as live concerts, anniversary products to buy in the store square enixbut most importantly, the development of the great fourth installment of the franchise where they collaborate with disney. However, it seems that the company has been very busy up to this point, as there has been no new news about the game, but that could be left behind due to certain revelations.

Recently the middle of IGN has done an interview with the composer of the saga, Yoko Shimomura, who reviews his entire career in this medium of video games, mentioning the creative processes involved in bringing certain songs from iconic video games to life. Mentioning that they are told the present scenario, and then let their imagination take to the skies and thus give the necessary touches that adapt to the situation of the characters and their stories, having results that many fans praise.

The questions include the video games you are working on at the moment, and the answer is Kingdom Hearts 4 as the only one to whom he is dedicating a large part of the day, which is news that can be exciting because square enix At this time there are no other large projects that we know of that are in development. That means Nomura could leave the baton for someone else in the production part of the next game of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The composer mentions that she is currently creating a series of songs for this moment, but has not been able to give more details because the project for now is totally an enigma, there has not been a new video since the one we saw a couple of ago from years ago. Likewise, another game in the franchise will be released, one on cell phones that is planned for this 2024which will release a beta soon.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development. It is not yet known for which consoles.

Via: IGN

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Editor's note: This is a first positive step that confirms that they are already working on the development of this game. With the saga they already have the bad habit of confirming things many years in advance, I hope it doesn't take six years to shape the project as happened with KH3.

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