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You can currently test one of the best co-op shooters for free on Steam, but you should have strong nerves



On Steam you can find many shooters that you can play alone or with other players. You can still test one of the best co-op shooters for free for two days. But you should be careful if you have weak nerves.

What game is this about? GTFO is a hardcore horror co-op shooter from the developer studio 10 Chambers. Since December 2021, the PvE shooter has been a huge success on Steam and is popular among shooter and horror fans alike. Overall, GTFO received 87% positive ratings from over 38,900 reviews on the platform.

GTFO is characterized above all by its high level of difficulty and its dark atmosphere. Although you can theoretically play the shooter solo, it is almost impossible. Even with two players, the game is a real challenge.

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How long can you play GTFO for free? You can currently test the co-op shooter completely free of charge on Steam. However, this offer only runs for two more days. So if you want to take a look, you should use this weekend.

Until June 27, 2024, you can still get the game for half price if you want to continue playing after the free trial. Instead of the usual 39.99 euros, you will only pay 19.99 euros.

What to expect you? In GTFO, you take on the role of prisoners who are sent to an abandoned research complex with the mission of securing important data. A task that sounds simple at first, if there weren’t masses of strange creatures waiting for you there that you’d be better off not waking up.

The creatures in GTFO are in a kind of hibernation. Stealth and coordination could be the “easy” key to your survival. If one of the creatures discovers your presence, everyone will know. However, sneaking through the dark levels requires a lot of patience, planning and coordination.

GTFO relies heavily on teamwork. Missing players are replaced by AI players so that your team always consists of four people. But the fewer real players there are in your team, the stronger your nerves should be, because that increases the chance that you won’t survive.

But you also need strong nerves because of the dark atmosphere. You should also not be averse to a certain amount of horror if you want to test the title. GTFO also made it onto our list of the 25 best shooters of 2024.

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