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You can eat McDonald's for free with ChatGPT



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It is impossible to deny the impact that ChatGPT has had on the lives of many people. Some use artificial intelligence for educational purposes, and while others use it to get food from McDonald's free, something that, Despite what one might think, it has effective results.

Recently, Gage, a member of the All Things Amazon podcast, revealed that there is an easy, if not so ethical, way to get free meals from McDonald's, and all you need is ChatGPT. All you need to do is ask the artificial intelligence to write a negative satisfaction review with 1,200 words.

By demonstrating a low level of satisfaction, the fast food chain gives you a coupon for free food, which you can use at any establishment. However, Gage has also pointed out that we must be carefulsince the McDonald's he went to eventually stopped providing satisfaction tickets, so it would be necessary to go to another branch.

Gage's proposal has been received negatively by the public, who accuse him of using ChatGPT inappropriately, and of putting the jobs of McDonald's employees at risk. On related topics, collaboration between Hello Kitty and Yu-Gi-Oh! arrives at McDonald's. Likewise, these are Kirby's Happy Meal toys.

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Editor's Note:

It's no surprise that people use something like ChatGPT this way. The use of artificial intelligence is something that is still in a gray area of ​​public morality and ethics. However, this time, the program is not the problem, but rather something that exposes a person.

Via: All Things Amazon

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