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You can find a secret item in Last Epoch, but this will make your passage harder



In Last Epoch you can find a hidden item at the very beginning of your adventure – the “Cursed Veteran Boots”. Although they give you an advantage, they also turn your passage into a kind of “hard mode.”

Last Epoch went into full release on February 21st after being in Early Access on Steam for almost five years. In the classic Hack & Slay you can choose from five classes and various subclasses, which you unlock as you progress. Two new classes also came into play for the release.

In Last Epoch there are different timelines, lots of monsters and of course loot. A special item, the “Cursed Veteran Boots”, turns your passage into a kind of “Hard Mode”.

You can only find them if you look closely in the first area and destroy part of the environment to reach hidden areas. We'll tell you what the boots are all about and where you can find them.

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What kind of boots are these? These are the “Cursed Veteran Boots”, which give you a bonus to your movement speed, but at the same time give you two major disadvantages. According to the description, they grant between 50% and 75% less damage to the player character and his minions.

Additionally, they increase damage taken by 100% to 200% for the player character and his minions. What this means in concrete terms is that although you move quite quickly, you suffer more damage and deal less at the same time. The speed of movement increases with your character level.

Here you can see the description of the boots and the effect on the stats of a character at level 3:

This is how you find the “Cursed Veteran Boots”

Last Epoch does have a hardcore mode in which you lose your character for the mode if you die and return to the main menu. However, there is no way to make the passage itself harder. With the boots you definitely have a challenge.

Where can I find the “Cursed Veteran Boots”? You can find the boots at the very beginning of your passage in Last Epoch in the first area. When you spawn in the game for the first time, you will be given the task “Follow the Old Road.” On the way you will find a “Messenger of the Fallen” who is holding a letter in his hands. Next you should find the Guardian who sent the letter.

To do this, stay in the left area of ​​the map and follow the path. You end up in a cave where you encounter an enemy bear on the left. You will then see stalagmites on the left, which you can destroy with an attack so you can continue running.

Then a bear attacks you again. As soon as you have killed him, turn up to the wall and destroy it with one attack. Behind it, another enemy bear awaits you in a hidden area. The bear drops the “Cursed Veteran Boots” after his death.

Here you can see the location of the “Cursed Veteran Boots” step by step:

It's up to you whether you try the boots right at the beginning or whether you prefer to keep them in your chest for a special challenge in the end game.

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