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You can now stream a brutal horror film from 2023 on Netflix



The slasher genre used to be the biggest horror genre, but it has become smaller and smaller. In recent years, however, interesting representatives have been cropping up every now and then. This includes Thanksgiving 2023, which you can currently watch on Netflix. MeinMMO editor Nikolas Hernes can recommend it.

What is Thanksgiving? In the city of Plymouth, a terrible tragedy occurred in a Black Friday store that left many people injured and even killed. A year later, a masked killer is terrorizing the city and seemingly seeking revenge on the people responsible.

Thanksgiving is a classic slasher horror that you would expect from Scream or Halloween A masked murderer, a small town and unsympathetic high schoolers. That sounds pretty familiar, and it is, but the film still manages to be entertaining.

You can find a trailer for the film here:

Thanksgiving – Trailer for the slasher horror by Eli Roth

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What does Thanksgiving so entertaining? The film doesn’t take itself seriously. The group of teenagers and the killer’s other victims aren’t particularly sympathetic. I felt like I was watching something like Friday the 13th or Halloween in which a maximum of two characters are not unbearable.

But that’s just right to balance out the brutal scenes. Director Eli Roth brings his experience from Hostel with him and stages some very creative scenes to suit Thanksgiving. It gets bloody, so if you have a weak stomach, you should think twice about watching the film.

But whoever sees it absurdly and from the viewer’s point of view illogical likes, he will have fun here. I actually felt most like Friday the 13th This film is never particularly scary, but rather brutal and at times funny.

On Netflix Thanksgiving has been available to stream for a few days. If you miss the 80s and 90s with their many slasher films, Thanksgiving could be worth it. Especially because the film is pleasantly entertaining with a running time of less than 2 hours. You can find other brutal horror tips here: 5 horror films for ages 18 and up that are not for the faint of heart

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