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From what has been reported in recent reports, in Mexico 77% of the population receives information through videos, and almost 80% use social networks to consume news, with TikTok emerging as the most popular platform. These data come from Digital News Report 2024presented by Reuters Institute and YouGov.

Nearly 100,000 consumers across 47 markets were engaged, revealing that global interest in news has dropped from 66% in 2018 to 49% in 2024. Additionally, 39% of respondents actively avoid news, a practice that has grown from 29%. % in 2017 to 39% in 2024, especially in countries like Brazil, Spain, Germany and Finland.


On the other hand, it is said that Facebook has lost strength as a source of news, falling from 36% in 2014 to 26% in 2024. Instead, there is a growing dependence on video and messaging platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp. TikTokdespite being relatively new, has positioned itself almost at the level of Twitter for consuming news (8% versus 11%).

Consumption News Trends

In Mexico, traditional media such as TV and print are in decline (39% and 18% respectively), while social networks and online media dominate information consumption. Facebook has fallen 6% compared to 2023, reaching 50%. YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter They have also experienced declines. TikTok takes the gold, occupying fourth place among the main social networks for information with 18%, an increase of 3% compared to 2023, being the platform with the greatest growth.


The report also highlights that 75% of Mexicans consume news through smartphones, 51% use computers and 33% use tablets. However, only 35% of the population trusts the news, a decrease from 50% in 2019, attributed to presidential speech critical of the media and journalists. In the end, traditional media may become more and more displaced.

Via: Digital News Report


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Author’s note: I still use YouTube for news, but I also understand that it is a matter of my generation, so it is understandable that Tiktok is today’s thing. We will have to wait and see what new media are growing in the world.

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