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YouTube algorithm for religion and politics revealed




It is no secret that the algorithm Youtube Not only is it focused on showing specific content to each user, but here we find various ideologies that are shared without many being aware. This is something that a new study showed, which points out that Google’s platform has a bias towards right-wing politics and religion.

Recently, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue shared the results of a recent investigation, where they created four YouTube profiles to measure how the site’s algorithm works. Here I use content focused on video games, men’s lifestyle, vlogger moms, and news in Spanish. The result was something unexpected for many.


After five days exploring specific content for each of these four sections, the research revealed something no one expected. YouTube algorithm began pushing religion-focused content for each sector, specifically, videos related to Christianity. Along with this, each section began to present a couple of problems.

In the case of video games, a greater number of videos related to violent video games began to be noticed, as well as those with topics such as suicide, without the necessary amount of warnings in this regard. In the case of mom vloggers and news, there was an increase in right-wing content compared to left-wing content.


At the moment it is not entirely clear how YouTube’s algorithm deviated from the norm with aspects such as religion. In the case of right-wing politics, this content is reactionary and usually has more conversations, so it is likely that Google’s platform gives greater weight to this sector, due to all the interactivity it generates. On related topics, YouTube finds a solution to ad blockers. Similarly, video games come to YouTube.

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Author’s Note:


This should not be a big news to many. It’s no secret that YouTube promotes content that generates engagement, no matter what it is about, so religion and right-wing politics are quite popular topics for this.

Via: Institute for Strategic Dialogue


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