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YT finds solution to ad blockers |Atomix




Youtube is in a constant fight against programs that block ads on the web and mobile devices. While it seemed impossible to find a winner in this contest, it seems that the situation is finally in favor of the entertainment giant, since a way has been discovered in which commercials can avoid being blocked.

According to 9to5google, YouTube is experimenting with embedding ads directly into videos. This would make any commercial blocker currently useless. Due to its testing status, very few users have encountered this new system, but it is clear that the company plans to implement this in the future.


Currently, most commercials on YouTube function as small segments that are played depending on the algorithm, so the Blockers detect when one of these segments need to appear, and prevent this from happening. However, the new system implements the ads directly into the video, completely eliminating the traditional way we are used to.

It is currently unknown when this will be implemented across YouTube, or how the companies behind the blockers will react. but it is clear that we are facing a new era of much more aggressive commercials. On a related topic, YouTube punishes you if you use blockers. Similarly, video games come to YouTube.


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Author’s Note:

This can be a big problem for many, but there is no legal way to combat this, so many can only do one thing: wait for a new ad blocker to become available, something that could take some time to happen.


Via: 9to5google


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