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Yu-Gi-Oh! Become king of the games with the best collection the card game has to offer – now cheap at Amazon



Yu-Gi-Oh was a legend for many kids and teenagers during their childhood. Grab the great offer on Amazon now – Duel!

This trading card game still brings back fond memories for me and I have to admit that I recently started playing again with a few friends who also had great experiences with it in their childhood. It's still a lot of fun, especially with the old rules. You get the Legendary Decks from Yugi for just €32.99.

Grab the Yu-Gi-Oh decks on Amazon

Yu-Gi-Oh – It's time for a duel!

For those who don't know the old rules of this trading card game, I'll give a rough overview. There are now new variants with synchro or link summoning, which I won't go into for you here because it's far too extensive.

According to the old and current rules there are 8,000 life points, which you have to try to reduce to zero. Excluding the anime series at the beginning with the 2,000 life points. You can do this by subtracting the difference in a fight between two monsters or by attacking the life points directly.

There are also trap and spell cards, with which you can equip a monster or even cancel other effects. A great trap card is, among others, Mirror Force, whereby all monsters in attack position are wiped out if the opponent attacks you and you react. If your opponent doesn't have a counterattack to counteract this card's effect, they'll get a real beating.

There are differences in summoning, such as a simple summon, then a tribute or special summon. There are even fusion or ritual summons. You already notice that it is quite extensive. Up to four stars, you can usually summon a monster face-up on the field or place it face-down. If a monster is in Defense Position, no life points are deducted when destroyed in the Battle Phase, unless an effect defines it. From five or more stars you have to sacrifice other monsters to get a stronger one on the field. There are also arbitrary elements such as light, darkness, dragon or warrior monsters. Good synergy is crucial for victory.

Grab the Yu-Gi-Oh decks on Amazon

In my personal opinion, this game is worthwhile for young and old. It is a game that requires you to exert your gray cells. Simply because you can devise any strategy to emerge victorious. In any case, I don't regret starting to play again. And I personally hope to meet opponents in the future who also prefer the older rules.

Grab the Yu-Gi-Oh decks on Amazon

Yu-Gi-Oh – this is what the Legendary Decks contain

In this box you will find three finished decks with 41 cards each as well as some great foil cards! Yugi's legendary Exodia deck from the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series, which he used against Seto Kaiba in the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi's Battle City deck from subsequent seasons, including the long-awaited “red” Dark Magician. And finally, Yugi's Machine Deck, which he used to face the Pharaoh himself in the epic final duel of the series. In addition to the decks, there are three exclusive Secret Rare cards (Electromagnetic Turtle, Dark Renewal and Dark Illusion), a token card and six collector cards: the Ultra Rare Egyptian God cards and three commemorative cards. If it doesn't give you a nostalgic feeling, I don't know what will.

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