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“Yuumi and Seraphine?” – LoL fans find the selection of the new Anima Squad “legendary”



Next month, League of Legends players can look forward to the new Anima Squad. A trailer now gives us an idea of ​​who will be included. The community is particularly excited about two champions.

League of Legends’ big summer event is coming up soon and in connection with this, some leaks about new skins have recently appeared. A new teaser trailer now reveals more.

League of Legends teases champions for new skins

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What kind of squad is this? The new Anima Squad 2024 is set to appear in League of Legends on July 17, 2024. In the past, some champions have already received an animal look. These include the skins Battle Wolf Sylas, Battle Bat Vayne, Battle Bunny Riven, and Battle Cat Jinx.

It is not yet officially known who will make it into the Anima Squad this time and get a new skin, but a teaser trailer gives some clues about the champions. In the trailer you can hear several voices of the squad members.

Two members already reveal their names in the teaser, so we know for sure that Illaoi and Seraphine will be part of the squad.

What does the community say? The community is now discussing in the comments (via YouTube) and on Reddit which champions will probably be heard next. Most users agree that in addition to Illaoi and Seraphinen, Yuumi and Aatrox will also be heard.

“This sub is going to freak out”

Other users on Reddit are discussing whether a voice belongs to Sett or Yasuo, with most guessing Yasuo. “He was also in the leaks,” one user underlines his opinion in this discussion.

“Yuumi AND Serpahine? This sub is going to go crazy,” writes one Reddit user in his comment. In fact, many players are expressing their huge excitement about these two champions.

In many YouTube comments, the selection is often described as “legendary” precisely because of these two. “My queen,” writes one user in his YouTube comment on Seraphine. “I like that Yuumi is literally a cat on a keyboard,” says another comment.

What do you think of the likely line-up of the Anima Squad 2024? Which characters would you like to have an animal look for? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments. We don’t yet know how expensive the skins will be. Of course, we hope it won’t be a fortune: Riot explains why they made the skin for €500 and why they would do it again

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