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Yuzu emulator returns with a different name




This week there was a conflict between Nintendo and the creators of the emulator known as Yuzuwhich was used to hack several games switch, with files that came out even before the title itself hit the market, which is why the demand was not going to wait. And now that they are closing its distribution, it seems that they still want to leave some of their work online, and they will do so with a name change that may not be the best idea, especially when the topic is fresh.

According to what has been shared online, an emulator now going by the name of Nuzu, and it is open source, which in turn is not profiting in any way from donations or anything similar, and in its message it says that it is designed for legal use, so users should theoretically dump their copies purchased. For its part, it runs on operating systems such as Windows and also Linux.

Yuzu will live under a new name “nuzu” “Nuzu is an open source Nintendo Switch emulator, designed for legal use and developed with portability in mind. It is written in C++ and is actively maintained for Windows and Linux platforms.”

With this information in mind, it is possible that Nintendo want to continue with legal actions, but if those responsible do not distribute the ROM files there is no way to proceed. The objective this time is not to monetize with it, so that there is no way in which they can be affected by authorities. Furthermore, what we want to preserve is precisely the preservation of games, although there is concern about the fact that it would be a better idea to do so when the console is no longer valid.

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Editor's note: Making a comeback of the emulator is positive in a way, but the problem is that they are coming back immediately after Yuzu closes, and it is difficult to know if Nintendo is going to tolerate such actions. It doesn't matter if right now they swear that they are not profiting from this new platform.

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