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Gears of War: The Pendulum Wars, a continuation of the saga that the community wants – Xbox

Gears 6 will be announced sometime this year, and with it, will come the end of the saga of Kait and JD in their fight against the Swarm. But what after this? The Locust can’t be an excuse to continue expanding the story of Marcus Fenix, so The Coalition will have to find new stories that they can use for a Gears of War game.

For me, and for many members of the community, there is no debate, Gears of War should explore a prequel based on The Pendulum Wars. If you have followed the narrative of all the games, you may have realized that before a fight against the Locust, there was a conflict between humans similar to what we know as “United States against Russia”, where they faced the COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments) and URI (Union of Independent Republics) for having control of natural resources to dominate energy on the planet of Sera.


The Pendulum Wars

This war story more guided to political discussion is very interesting, especially since there was already an exploration in Gears Judgment with Baird and his trial in the middle of the war. But not only that, well we got a taste of this war in Gears of War 4 in its prologue. For this reason, I believe that this possibility should be explored.

Gears of War Rebirth Should Be a Prequel, Not a Reboot

I have three reasons why I believe that the saga should not go into the background at Microsoft, and especially after the current “crisis” that the industry is experiencing. Gears cannot disappear as the main game of the Xbox brand, it has so much to give that a bad step can easily mean its end; so the reasons are so easy to explain, but not so obvious to The Coalition.

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The community wants to play and have content, not watch eSports

eSports in Gears have done relatively well in the Americas, due to their essence, they are a fun competition to watch and with many spectators in each region; but this was the nail in the grave for Gears 5 and that has to change for the next installment. As players, Gears of War has an impressive and very technical gameplay, which together with a balanced and content-rich multiplayer can last for as many years as it pleases.

Let’s take the example of Gears 4, a game from 6 years ago that today, and after a sequel, is still going strong with a solid player base. The reality is that The Coalition sought to prioritize the arrival of many new users, forgetting its current base, going through a need to keep the competition in the public eye.


For all of the above, a game that focuses on the story before all the events of the current narrative would be ideal, since an aesthetic and rhythm change would do the saga good. Also due to the fact that the community is crying out for a fun multiplayer, away from extreme competition and its urgent need for new players.

Squeezing a story into the future will have very serious consequences for the saga

Let’s face it, the Swarm are no better antagonist than the Locust. This change of enemy was a transition that will not give for more after Gears 6, we are even already seeing it, since the return of the Locust is closer than it seems with the reunion of Queen Myrrah and the biological origin of the same. But there is a past history that has always been more interesting and relevant that is worth exploring.

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gear 5

I want to demonstrate this with the DLC that have been released in the games going from less to more. In Gears 5 we had the Hive Busters, a campaEsports ExtrasDLC that introduced us to an alternate squad with all-new characters. Not only was the universe expanding, but we could see new interactions with a good dose of fan service to complete.

In Gears 3 we had the Shadows of Raam DLC, where a squad led by Kim explained the origin of some characters, as well as including comics as a priority in a video game. This DLC was spectacular, it was a “prequel” in the story of the original Gears and expanding the legend of Raam along with Kim’s leadership and motivations.

But this has not been all for the third installment, where we had “Repercussions”, with the expansion of the events of the campaign, with another vision in Baird’s team and his meeting with Garron Paduk, an important man for the events of the following video games.


Gears 4 got a prologue where we manage Dom in this war against the URI. This demonstration is a step that must be replicated and that, perhaps, should have been the best of this video game.

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Lastly, and for me, the perfect example of what would be a success, is Gears of War Judgment. Despite receiving bad reviews, his story is a clear example that visiting the past would be beneficial. Including new characters, weapons and even mechanics would complete the perfect game. Comics are also an important source for this. I recommend that you read the Gears of War: Unsaid, Promise me and Aspho Fields books, where they recount the war against the URI and give combat a human touch.


We want to see Marcus Fenix ​​and Dominic Santiago back in action

Yes, nostalgia affects opinions, but this is a combo that should not be missed. With the new and improved narrative building tools, being able to explore the past of these two heroes is something they owe us from the first game.

You don’t have to look for more, or create new enemies, or aliens. Gears of War needs to see its beginnings and show that it has a huge universe full of possibilities. So much so, that even if we squeeze The Pendulum Wars, we can move on to narratives like Gears Tactics or a reinvention of the Carmine story.

Gears 5 Xbox Series X

In this industry we have so many possibilities, that we know very well that Microsoft is making bad decisions by pressuring studios to create things that are ephemeral and destructive for gamers. We need better told stories and diverse games, exploring genres and justifying the large number of studios bought.