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Genshin Impact: free primo-gem codes and patch 3.5 leaks


Genshin Impact: free primo-gem codes and patch 3.5 leaks

Genshin Impact offers new primo gems for free and has just received its new update that many patch 3.5 leaks are appearing.

Genshin Impact continues to build on its success and recently received an important 3.4 patch which, in addition to bringing new heroes and weapons, the update opened up access to a whole new area of ​​the Sumeru desert where we can find new quests, events and new challenges. Moreover, you can already download the update and you will receive no less than 300 primo-gems during your first connection.

Dehya shows up before patch 3.5

Although the 3.4 update of Genshin Impact is fresh out, leaks are already piling up regarding patch 3.5 due later in February. It is in particular one of its star characters, Dehya that we see everywhere. The Pyro warrior, who will be available in a future banner, indeed leaked all of her skills recently and now shows herself on video. The least we can say is that the beautiful resource.

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Dehya will equip heavy sword and be able to inflict heavy Pyro damage in AoE. On paper, she should be able to fill the role of primary or secondary DPS without pushing too hard.
His elemental skill, Molten Inferno, deals heavy damage in a wide area and will leave behind a field of flames that can give bonus effects to his attacks or teammates.

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Her ultimate meanwhile, will transform the warrior into a true berserker. Dehya will drop her sword to deal heavy damage with flaming claws before slicing through the air with a massive Pyro kick. If the video below allows us to see the animations of his skills, only a few hours of play will tell us if they are really effective.

Free primo gem codes and items galore for Genshin Impact

In addition to its leaks, Genshin Impact We’re sharing new promo codes to get your hands on a bundle of Prime Gems, Ingredients, and Hero XP Books. But be quick, these codes are time-limited.

  • DAQS9FPX2U35 – free primo-gems + a lot of objects
  • FTRUFT7AT5SV – XP, money and a bundle of ingredients

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How to use coupon codes in Genshin Impact.

To use promotional codes in Genshin Impact you have two solutions. You can go to the official website, link your account and enter the codes by following the instructions, or do it in-game as follows.

  • Launch Genshin Impact
  • Go to the pause menu
  • Click Settings
  • Then, select “enter a promotional code”
  • Enter your code and you’re done! You will receive your rewards immediately.

As a reminder, Genshin Impact is available for free on PS5, PS4, PC and mobile.

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