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Genshin Impact has the best character right now – developers are making over 10 million euros in 2 days

With the character Kazuha Kaedehara, one of the most popular and best characters has returned to Genshin Impact. The developers are happy because they earn millions of euros in two days.

what’s going on Update 2.8 was released in Genshin Impact just under a week ago. In addition to new events, there are also new banners with old and new characters. Many users save their in-game currency for exactly this purpose, so that they can invest properly when starting such a banner.

Kazuha Kaedehara is the return of a character many have been waiting for. As of July 13, it’s available again in the banner. Accordingly, the players are also willing to invest a lot of money for their beloved character. And this is also noticeable financially for the developers.

You can read in the following article whether Kazuha Kaedehara is worthwhile for you:

The best character from Genshin Impact is back for a limited time – Fits on any of your teams

In China, developers earn more than 10 million euros in two days just from iOS

Where are the numbers from? The GenshinLab site collects and evaluates numbers relating to the action RPG Genshin Impact. This also includes the income from banners where you can draw characters.

In China, certain numbers and in-game purchases must be disclosed, which is intended to ensure transparency. In China, for example, the chances of winning from loot boxes must also be clearly disclosed (via

The revenues in the tables are therefore only from China and iOS. This means that the revenue should be many times higher when other countries and other operating systems such as Android are added.

How much money is it? On, you can view earnings by character as well as by day. The current banner with Kazuha Kaedehara has raised more than 10 million US dollars after only 2 days in China. This makes the banner about Kazuha one of the most successful banners in the history of the action RPG:

Why do people spend so much money? Like many Asian games, Genshin Impact relies on a gacha system, which we explain to you in detail on MeinMMO.

If you want to have a certain character in Genshin Impact, then you have to pull it out of the banners. These banners work like loot boxes: You can pull up to 10 times at once and there are 10 items in them, in the best case also a character. In the worst case, the cost for a given 5-star character is 440 euros.

If you really want a character like Kazuha Kaedehara, then in theory you can put a lot of money into the game.

A YouTuber wanted to prove to other users how stupid it really is when you put a lot of money into a game like this. He invests thousands of euros in the game and believes that this is how to prevent people from investing their entire fortune in such a game:

YouTuber pours a lot of money into Genshin Impact so you can see how stupid it is

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