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Genshin Impact players on PC try to cancel Aloy but fail

Genshin Impact

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Aloy, the protagonist of the saga Horizon , has finally come to versions of Genshin Impact of PC, iOS, and Android after a while as the exclusive character of consoles PS4 and PS5. However, it seems that certain sectors of the community of the free-to-play of miHoYo have not taken anything good that this heroine strongly related to the PlayStation brand landed in computers and have tried to remove its genshin impact from your account, although the company has restricted making it impossible to erase the character.

Genshin Impact players because it shows that it is impossible to delete Aloy from the game. This character is received free of charge in the mail integrated into the title itself and the message from which it can be claimed is impossible to delete. The only solution, according to the person who has published this video, would be to wait the 365 days that the promotion lasts and check that the email has been deleted by itself after the Valorant game.


“It is an insult to the rest of the five-star characters”

It’s pretty obvious that this is a humorous video, but the comments are littered with Genshin Impact PC gamers genuinely wanting to remove Aloy from their game genshin impact characters . This is somewhat surprising since it is a five-star character (the highest score that a Genshin Impact hero can have) that can be obtained completely free of charge. However, taking a walk through the comment box genshin impact on pc, we see people assuring that Aloy’s score is “an insult to the rest of the five-star characters” and that they would like to be able to change them for Protogemas, Mora, or whatever else they don’t. star in Horizon: Zero Dawn and horizon 2: Forbidden West.

If, unlike these people, you do want to get Aloy for Genshin Impact, we will tell you how to get her for free on PS5, PS4, PC, iOS and Android in our guide .

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