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German streamer discovers the baddest woman on Twitch – is stunned

German streamer Sebastian “Rewinside” Meyer has been making content on YouTube and Twitch for 10 years. He’s actually seen everything, but even he can’t figure out one streamer: Talyor_Jevaux is something like “Amouranth in evil.” She showed up in a live stream on Twitch in a latex suit, but most of the time she can’t be seen at all .

Who is the streamer?

  • With 1.7 million followers, Rewinside is a successful German content creator. He has been on the Twitch platform since 2013. Last year he was ranked 150th among the German Twitch streamers after hours watched.
  • In the last 365 days, Rewinside mainly showed Minecraft, but also GTA 5 and CS:GO. But he is also on the road in Just Chatting.
  • The streamer’s actual home is YouTube: there he shows many videos that are created in collaboration with people like Julien Bam or Trymacs.

Rewinside spots streamer who is the same size as him – but very different

Which streamer scared him so much? On March 27, Rewinside shared a screenshot from a stream by Taylor Jevaux on Twitter: This is a Twitch streamer with 1.7 million followers. So she’s the same size on Twitch as he is.

Jevaux describes herself as a model and video artist. Have a passion for video games, technology, fitness and getting dressed up.

In the screenshot, the streamer is wearing a “latex bikini” and according to the description of her stream, she is doing the “jumping jacks” gymnastics exercise.

Embedded in the video is how many Bits viewers should donate.


Woman in full body latex suit scares Rewinside

What problem does he have with the streamer? Rewindside seems at first to be shocked by what is possible on the Twitch platform. With the skin-tight latex costume, the streamer circumvents the rules for nudity. The picture then apparently runs under “Cosplay” or “Body Painting”, because no nipples can be seen, it seems formally okay for Twitch.

But Rewinside seems surprised that Twitch is not punished here, but that the streamer is balancing on the rules here.

But the people on Twitter are much more relaxed than the streamer: there are really worse things, such as Nazis or crooks. One viewer says, “With all the Nazis, we actually have bigger problems on Twitch than a woman’s boobs.”


And that seems to convince Rewinside. He gives in: He doesn’t think it’s bad either, I was just surprised at first.

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Streamer is known for not being seen most of the time

Why is the woman considered so evil? The streamer “Taylor Jevaux” is known for a perfidious technique that has already been analyzed and criticized by some websites.

  • The streamer is usually on the air live for over 6 hours
  • However, most of the time she cannot be seen in the stream at all, you only see an arm or hear a voice because the streamer is out of the camera’s field of view for a large part of the time.
  • According to one statistic, on 3 days in November 2022, she was only actually in front of the camera about 3% to 20% of the time.
The streamer was on the air for 3 days in November, but hardly in the picture. Source: Cockeyed

Streamer ranked as the “biggest baiter” on Twitch with countdowns to nothing

The Dexerto site writes that countdowns will then run until the streamer appears again – but when the countdown has expired, nothing will happen.

With a 6-hour stream, the streamer can often only be seen for a few minutes, the rest of the time viewers would just wait for her to show up.


One website calls the streamer the “biggest baiter” on Twitch, another speaks of “terrible tactics” and advises not watching the streams at all. If you think the streamer is so fantastic, you should rather follow her on YouTube.

Apparently Rewinside was lucky to catch her in the first place.

The weird thing is, while the experience of watching the streamer sounds incredibly frustrating, it seems to be working. Apparently, Taylor Jevaux is extremely successful with the perfidious scam.


With her appearance, she seems to be competing with the most evil streamer on Twitch to date. Until recently, “InvaderVie” had the title. She said with a sweet smile to her viewers that they shouldn’t behave like that and let money grow over them, even if they had just lost their jobs. Being broke is not an excuse.

Like Amouranth, Taylor Jevaux probably doesn’t make most of her money from Twitch, but from other projects that she promotes on Twitch, Instagram and Twitter. She has an OnlyFans account and also sells her own underwear on a site.

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