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German Twitch streamer documents his way to the top of Valorant, but many are angry: “honourless”

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Streamer Maximilian “Trymacs” Stemmler (27) is often accused of enriching himself with the success of others. On YouTube he documented his way to the second highest rank in Valorant, but his strategy did not suit many.

Who is Trymacs?

  • Trymacs is one of the 5 largest German streamers on Twitch and also one of the best-known YouTubers in the gaming sector. He has 2.12 million subscribers on YouTube, while an average of almost 19,000 people watch him on Twitch.
  • He mainly plays Fortnite, Fifa and Clash Royale and caused trouble there too
  • Trymacs is often criticized for its actions, including currently by fans of the shooter Valorant

Valorant regularly introduces new agents. Trymacs likes to play the stylish Chamber, you can see another agent here in the video:

Valorant introduces new agent Fade – Show off her cool skills in the gameplay trailer

Players are annoyed with Trymacs’ boosting strategy

This is the situation: On July 24th, Trymacs shared a screenshot of his Immortal rank in Valorant on his Twitter channel. This is the second highest rank in Riot’s tactical shooter. But instead of being happy for him, many users were angry and complained in the comments.

This is behind it: For a few months, Trymacs has regularly featured Valorant on its YouTube and Twitch channels. In March he was still in the Iron rank and thus at the bottom. Between Iron and Immortal are 6 other ranks.

To put this in perspective: Almost 14% of all players are in Iron, in Immortal you play with the best 0.5% (via Esports Tales).


This is why people are angry: Trymacs doesn’t necessarily have his own skills to thank for his comparatively rapid ascent. Instead, he got boosted by friends like Kuba and Chefstrobel.

He also stands by this:


I’m really Esports Extrasntic bad. […] Catastrophe. But it can be today. I may be the most boosted player from around the world today.

Trymacs via YouTube

What is that? Boosting means that experienced players promote someone to a rank that they are not actually entitled to. Either by the pros playing on the account of the boosted player, or by the higher-ranking simply dragging the weaker player in the team.

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This is why this is problematic: Some players just get annoyed because Trymacs didn’t show any performance here. Especially if you’re stuck at a lower rank, you probably don’t find it funny at all.

But there is also a bit more behind it. Because the ranking system is actually there to only let players at a similar skill level compete against each other. The problem becomes apparent when Trymacs tries to solo queue without his team.

There he is brought together with “real” Immortal players. Trymacs, who says he plays at Iron level himself, simply can’t keep up and drags his team members down.


This is what the community says: Some people get pretty upset on Twitter. They find the action “honorable” and “unfair”. One user even wishes Riot would just ban Trymac’s account (via Twitter).

For Trymacs it’s just entertainment

What does Trymacs say about the allegations? He is fully aware of how upsetting this is for his team members. In a video from July 30, he comments on this and also apologizes to his teammates.


Hey guys, this is just for entertainment. I know you’re going to totflame me again on YouTube, but it’s entertaining too, ok? […] It’s assi, yes I know. There will now be some Immortal players on my team and they can only lose. That’s stupid, yes. I’m sorry, I apologize.

Trymacs via YouTube

Accordingly, Trymacs is also unimpressed when he goes down solo. His fans love him exactly for this way and celebrate him in the comments. With around 200,000 views per video in the Road to Immortal series, Trymacs looks set to continue providing entertainment like this in the future.

What do you think of the action? Does boosting and smurfing in games like Valorant annoy you or don’t you understand the excitement? Did you follow the “Road to Immortal” yourself and were you entertained along the way? Please leave us a comment with your opinion.


By the way, Trymacs already has a new project. After the success of the YouTube hit “7 vs. Wild” he plans his own survival format:

Twitch streamer Trymacs plans spectacular survival events – “Really hardcore”