Get Dragon Ball: The Breakers Special Edition at GAME for only 12.99 euros

get dragon ball: the breakers special edition at game for

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Get Dragon Ball: The Breakers Special Edition at GAME for only 12.99 euros

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Offered by GAME USA.

Seven survivors face a single powerful assailant who threatens to wipe them out, all in the world of dragonball! Take the role of survivor or raider in Dragon Ball: The Breakerswhose Special Edition you will be able to get now, for only 12.99!

Face or put yourself in the shoes of mythical villains from the saga such as Cell, Majin Boo or Frieza and travel the map while improving your abilities, conforming your outfit and planning your next move, will you survive or not? In addition, You will get a DLC as a gift that includes:

  • Android N18 Transformation Sphere (Skill: wall kick).
  • Accessory: Blue Tracker.

get hold of Dragon Ball: The Breakers Special Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch consoles por 12.99, only until June 11 or while stocks last!

Escape with the team or individually!

Trapped by a dark time rift, seven ordinary citizens will be trapped in a temporary union: they will be imprisoned with the assailant, a threatening enemy from another timeline that has enormous power.

The only hope of survival is to break the temporal bond with the super time machine, but the assailant is after them, gaining power by the minute. In a race against time, the cunning survivors will face the power of the assailant, to achieve freedom or death.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Special Edition offer at GAME for a limited time

Cooperate with others while you can, it is possible that the decisions of the raider or other survivors will force you to continue alone. What will be your choice? Whoever you are, a raider or a survivor, choose your path and unlock perks, outfit, etc. for set up your personal strategy and escape as a survivor, or hunt as a raider

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