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Get Free Redline Car and More at Rocket League Drive Days Event (April-May-2023)

Do you want to brand new car? Not in real life, we can’t help you with that. What we can do is invite them to participate in the new Drive Days event of Rocket League where you can get the Redline car for free, golden toolkits to unlock items, and enjoy the return of two much-loved game modes: Heat Detector and Spike Fever.

When does the Rocket League Drive Days event start and end date?

This event will be available between Wednesday, April 26 and Wednesday, May 10, 2023.


You can watch a video highlighting all the content from the event below.

What is the event?

  • we can get the new redline car (Breakout hitbox) completely free by completing in-game challenges. In the same way we can obtain objects like spacerocker wheels, Buffstuff and decals for the Redline.
  • We can see a huge collection of cars for sale in the store of Rocket League in the motor show tab. These will arrive in two blocks on April 26 and May 3.
  • During the event we can complete a new challenge up to five times to win golden tool kits that unlock items from Nitro item series, Impact and Throttle when you open them in inventory.

limited time modes

  • Heat Detector (from April 26 to May 3): any touch of the ball causes it to automatically start heading towards the rival’s goal. The first to score seven goals will win.
  • Spiked Fever (May 3-10): The cars are covered in spikes, so touching the ball causes it to stick into the car. We can throw it by doing a dodge, but whoever carries it can’t use the accelerator.

Don’t forget to participate in the challenges of the Drive Days event of Rocket League in April and May 2023 to win the free Redline car and more rewards, as well as participate in the limited game modes Heat Detector and Spike Fever. Also remember that it is still available the content of season 10.

Source: Pysonix