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Get more FPS in Hogwarts Legacy without worsening your graphics thanks to these mods for PC

It’s already been 10 days since Hogwarts Legacy arrived on our PCs. While it’s true that the game is receiving a lot of praise, there are also players who are having technical problems with the game, especially those who are struggling and can’t get it. keep good FPS. Luckily, the community is at work, and today I am going to talk about several mods that I have found to improve the performance of the game.


First of all, yes, you should take a look at the minimum and recommended requirements of Hogwarts Legacy on PC. If, despite complying with them, you find that you need some extra help to have a good amount of FPS in your chosen resolution and quality, then these mods can give you the solution What are you looking for.

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Mods for more Hogwarts Legacy FPS on PC

Ascendio II, the best mod to improve your performance

  • If you were already using Ascendio, this version is better than the previous.
  • it will help you improve your FPS.
  • Fix bugs in Unreal Engine.
  • not compatible with ray tracing.
  • Download it from the Ascendio II page on NexusMods.

Not for nothing is the mod of the game most popular all over NexusMods. Ascendio II helps improve performance through various modifications to the game engine. It’s not meant to help with hitches, but rather to improve overall RPG performance.

If Hogwarts Legacy gives you jerks, try SLPF

Hogwarts Legacy Image

This mod is not going to modify any section of the game, but rather modifies the way the title works a bit so that there are fewer technical loads and, therefore, fewer jerks and interruptions. In theory, you don’t “step on” with Ascendio II, so you can try them together.

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Do you want more FPS in Hogwarts Legacy?  This trick will help you improve your performance

More FPS also for cinematics

Hogwarts Legacy Image
  • If the game’s cinematics squeak for you don’t go to 60 FPSthis mod is for you.
  • An algorithm has been used to interpolate framesso the process is done in an “artificial” way.
  • I also know the quality has improved of these using automated techniques.
  • Works with both in-game cinematics and the tutorial videos.
  • Download it from the Hogwarts Legacy – 60 FPS FMV page on NexusMods.

The difference in frames between games and cinematics, as well as the quality of the videos at high resolutions can be annoying. If this is your case, this mod is ideal and will give you 60 FPS on all videos (including those of the tutorials), in addition to improving their quality using deblocking techniques. It does not have an impact on game performance.

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If you crash when opening the game, use this mod

Hogwarts Legacy Image

Hogwarts Legacy compiles its shaders on launch to avoid the hitches associated with compiling on the fly. Even so, this process is repeated every time you open the title, and it causes problems for some users. If this is your case, use this mod to skip the process, even if you do it after opening at least once the game.