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Get ready for the new The Legend of Zelda game with these cheaper Joy-Con controllers


These controllers are perfect for your Switch and are heavily discounted.

HORI’s Joy-Con controller is the cheapest you can buy

Even though nintendoswitch It is one of the favorite consoles of the users, it is not without flaws. Its biggest weak point is the internal memory, as well as the drift problems on Joy-Con controllers. Buying new controllers can be quite expensive, unless you follow these tricks that we propose. Hori has some very cheap controls for the hybrid console, among which the Joy-Con controller (left) stands out for only 19.99 euros on Amazon. It is almost half as cheap as an official Nintendo controller and can be buy individually.

The Hori brand has become a true specialist in these peripherals that can solve our lives. Drifting is a very annoying problem that many players have experienced, but here are a few interesting alternatives to continue playing. The left Joy-Con are the ones that have suffered the most from this error, so you can replace just the knob spoiled and save a lot of money. Hori’s model has a desEsports Extrasbased on The Legend of Zelda and is reduced by 20%. He is certainly among the best nintendo switch controllerscompatible and official.

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HORI Joy-Con controller (left)HORIPAD Pikachu Controllerblack HORI remote


These three Switch controls cost less than 20 euros

Joy-Con controller for Switch HORI

The HORI Joy-Con controller has a desEsports Extrasfrom The Legend of Zelda

Is he cheapest controller you can buy to replace the Joy-Con, but it only works in handheld mode. Otherwise it has a desEsports Extrasvery similar to original and has details from The Legend of Zelda on a semi-translucent casing. Hori products have official nintendo licenseso compatibility is guaranteed despite the limitations.

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If you are not convinced by this model, you can see other very cheap and conventional. On the one hand, there is the Horipad controller in black color that has a removable crosshead to customize your playing style. Below this module are the most common directional buttons. connects 3 meter long cablelike the latest model that we highlight, smaller and with a beautiful desEsports Extrasbased on the Pokemon Pikachu.


HORI Joy-Con controller (left)HORIPAD Pikachu ControllerBlack HORI remote

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All these knobs cost less than 20 euros and we think they are a good replacement for your Nintendo Switch. Choose the one that suits more to your needsalthough we highlight Hori’s Joy-Con controller for 19.99 euros. It is perfect to replace the left control without spending a lot of money.

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