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Get ready, these two games are coming to Xbox Game Pass today – Xbox

Get ready, these two games are coming to Xbox Game Pass today

If you are a subscriber to the Xbox Game Pass service, you are surely looking forward to knowing the new additions that we will have in the game catalog. And it is not for less, because With the large number and variety of deliveries, there is no one who is left without playing. Although a few days ago we announced that the Developer Direct games would be launching, this week we also have surprises.

And the batch of games begins today, January 30, 2023 with two installments that will not leave anyone indifferent. The first is BackFirewall and we can also enjoy Roboquest. The latter would still arrive in game preview. If you want to know a little more about them, here is a brief description.

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BackFirewall and Roboquest join Game Pass today

We are going directly to show you what these two games can offer us that will be available todayDon’t forget to tell us what you think and if you’ll give them a try. We always read you.


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