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Get the TRUST GXT 838 AZOR gaming keyboard and mouse pack at GAME for only 14.99 euros

Offered by GAME USA.

A good keyboard and a mouse are essential to be able to play properly on your computer. That’s why, GAME wants you to have the best equipment, and at the best price!


And it is that in today’s new FLASH SALE they offer you this TRUST GXT 838 AZOR GAMING PACK, for only 14.99! This pack includes:

Full size keyboard:


  • 3 LED color modes with adjustable brightness.
  • Function against ghost effect.
  • Game mode switch.
  • Non-slip rubber feet and two height steps.
  • 12 multimedia keys.

LED mouse with speed selection button:

  • 6 response buttons.
  • Continuous color cycle.
  • Smooth glide pads.

Remember! Don’t miss this FLASH sale and get this TRUST GXT 838 AZOR GAMING PACK for only 14.99, Price only valid until 03/23/2023 or while stocks last!

Get it at the best price at GAME

The GXT 838 Azor Gaming keyboard and mouse works with all PCs and laptops: just plug them in and start playing. By adjusting the keyboard to the correct height with the non-slip rubber feet you can start gaming in full colour: the keyboard comes with LED color modes with adjustable brightness.