Get your hands on Glover, the mythical Nintendo 64 platformer that will arrive completely remastered on PC

Tom Henry

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One of those who slipped among so many legendary franchises was gloverthe title developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro in 1998. It was released on Nintendo 64 and PC, later to be released on the first PlayStation and now it will come back to Steam completely remastered. Piko Interactive is the studio in charge of carrying out this project.

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will be the next april 20 when we return to enjoy the friendly glove that must help liberate the Kingdom. Our task will be to gather seven crystals to return to the castle and thus ensure that peace returns. Of course, throughout the adventure there will be no shortage of puzzles and secrets of all kinds.

In total there are 30 levels to explore and many other characters scattered throughout the six worlds. The gauntlet’s abilities allow him to shapeshift so he can move forward using a ball as a traveling companion.

This time Glover has been completely redone from the source code of the Nintendo 64 version. has been improved for modern PCs and in the future trophies and card exchange system will be added

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