Ghost Trick Ghost Detective: we played the DS masterpiece on PS5

ghost trick ghost detective: we played the ds masterpiece on

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Ghost Trick Ghost Detective: we played the DS masterpiece on PS5

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In its vast undertaking to dust off the glories of yesteryear, Capcom is going to bring a certain Ghost Trick Detective Ghost out of the closet. A good idea ? We were able to test the game briefly.

The Capcom Showcase recalled the imminent release of Ghost Trick Ghost Detective. A remaster which arrives on June 30, 2023 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). No native PS5 and Xbox Series X|S version. But the game is backwards compatible and will work perfectly on both platforms.

What is this Capcom game?

Ghost Trick Ghost Detective was developed by Shu Takumi (the Ace Attorney saga, Dino Crisis…) for the Nintendo DS in 2010. An old title that may have fallen into oblivion, except for those who made it to the time. Even if it was not a thunderbolt in terms of sales, the software was recognized for its many qualities. To the point of having been elevated to the rank of masterpiece. An atypical title that has brought a breath of fresh air.

In Ghost Trick Detective Phantom, we embody Sissel. A murdered detective who goes to awaken in a spectral form and is tasked with bringing to light his own murder. But the clock is against him since he only has one night to complete his mission. Thanks to his ghostly skills, the man can take possession of objects of all kinds. Manipulate them and even bend time in order to go back. A central mechanism that allows you to solve puzzles, save Sissel’s skin and those of other characters.

“Use your supernatural powers to possess and manipulate objects, or travel back in time to solve intricate puzzles through a storyline filled with wacky humor and endearing characters in Ghost Trick Ghost Detective » (through Steam). To adapt to current consoles, the game has revised its controls from top to bottom, but not only. Capcom has added other new features in addition to graphic adjustments.

We played Ghost Trick Detective Ghost, what is it worth?

Ghost Trick Detective Ghost now runs in 1080p at 60fps. We are therefore far from the framerate and resolution of the DS version. And clearly, it is obvious from the first moments. The colors are necessarily more vibrant, precise and unsightly aliasing, especially on the characters, is ancient history. We do not take a graphic slap in any case, but the rendering is not runny. Even on a large OLED screen and it’s even pretty for the genre and such an old game. The other notable improvement is the abandonment of touch controls – except for the Nintendo Switch – for home consoles (PS4, Xbox One). A redesigned interface to stick more closely to more standard platforms.

Is it better ? Less good ? We’re not going to lie pretending to have done Ghost Trick Ghost Detective on NDS. Because it is not. During our short demo, however, we found it intuitive and we were never penalized by these controls with the sticks / buttons of the PS5 DualSense controller. However, this is only a preliminary judgment and we will have to wait to see more complex puzzles, which would require, for example, greater responsiveness.

Ghost Trick Detective PS5 preview

The Ghost Trick Ghost Detective HD Remaster also includes 37 re-orchestrated musical tracks and original music by Masakazu Sugimori (Ace Attorney, Viewtiful Joe). We may reserve our judgment for later, but we didn’t feel like we had an old soundtrack in our ears. Proof that work has been done with the RE Engine as backup. In addition to completely new puzzles, trophies are appearing. To see whether or not these new features will be sufficient to convince a new audience. As a reminder, Ghost Trick Ghost Detective will be released on June 30, 2023 on consoles and PC.

And little surprise from the Capcom Showcase, the free demo is available now.

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