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Giants will seek the pass to the Super League final in a full Home of Giants

Giants, brand-new champion of the regular phase of the League of Legends Super League, is seeking this coming Monday, August 8, starting at 6:00 p.m., to go to the final of the main esports competition in USA. To ensure their presence on August 20 in Madrid, Giants must beat Team Heretics, one of the most powerful rivals in the league. Giants will have a gala atmosphere: fans will fill the Home of Giants in Malaga to guide their team to a victory that will bring them closer to their eighth national LoL title.

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The roster led by Jandro comes from finishing first in the regular phase of the Super League after signing a balance of 13 wins and 5 losses. A very positive score with a spectacular second round, in which the Giants only lost one game. Heretics, who beat Malaga in the first half of the championship, succumbed to Giants on the penultimate day, so the latest precedent is encouraging. In any case, the postseason always makes predictions difficult. And you have to count on the fact that you no longer play a map, but rather compete for the best of five maps. The margin of error increases and the games are lengthened.

Giants aspire to the Super League

If they win, Giants will be in the final to be held at Ifema on August 20. But if he doesn’t, he still has a chance by falling to the final of the ‘loser bracket’. In that case, he would compete again on August 15 and would do so against the winner of the Bisons-KOI that takes place four days earlier. Th3Antonio, Jiizuke, Keduii, Advienne and Maxlore continue their preparation to arrive on Monday in perfect condition and maintain the game and mental performance shown during the summer season.

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Giants will have the breath of a crowd to burst. The sellouts have been frequent in the Home of Giants, but for this clash against Team Heretics there will be an atmosphere of the big nights. Around a hundred fans sold out the tickets in just five minutes, which shows the expectation that there is.

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