GiGimundo LK10, review and analysis in Spanish

gigimundo lk10, review and analysis in spanish

Tom Henry

GiGimundo LK10, review and analysis in Spanish

We begin today’s session with a review of the GiGimundo LK10a docking station 10 in 1 that offers extensive connectivity and the ability to connect up to two 4K displays at 60 Hz simultaneously. For connection to the PC, it offers a USB-C connector next to a USB-A adapter that makes it really versatile, being compatible with the standard USB 3.2 Gen2 up to 10Gbps.

GiGimundo LK10

Before starting the review, we thank GiGimundo for giving us this device for analysis.

Technical Specifications of the GiGimundo LK10

GiGimundo LK10
Design aluminum casing
10-in-1 hub
PC connection USB-C / USB-A
connectivity USB-C PD3.0 100W
3 x USB-A 3.2 Gen2
2 x DisplayPort (4K@60Hz)
2 x HDMI (4K@60Hz)
1 x RJ-45
1 x TRRS Jack (headphones and microphone)
Dimensions 156 x 58 x 19.2mm (width, height, depth)
Weight 160 grams

Packaging and Accessories

We begin the review of the GiGimundo LK10 placing your packaging on our work. Before us we have on the back, as well as its main characteristics.

inner packing

Inside, the product is very well protected by a plastic frame and a bag of the same material, being accompanied only by the user manual as the only accessory.


GiGimundo LK10

GiGimundo LK10 - Front side

We continue the review of GiGimundo LK10 already with this completely unpacked on our work table. This is a very portable dock station that specifies some dimensions of 156 x 58 x 19.2mm (width, height, depth) and a weight of 160 grams. Made of aluminum and ABS plasticoffers a good desEsports Extrasand good finishes, being also available in silver and pink as alternative finishes.

GiGimundo LK10 - USB-C Connector with USB-A Adapter

A unique detail of this dock is that the connection cable to the PC is attached to it, so we will never lose it. After 20 cm of length, at its end, we have a USB-C 3.2 Gen2 connector next to a usb-a adapter, a combination that makes it ideal for any modern team with some tradition. This interface allows you a maximum data transfer rate of 10 Gbps, with which you can do great things as we will see below.

GiGimundo LK10 - Left side

Distributed among the different sides of the dock, we find the following connectivity:

  • Three 10 Gbps USB 3.2 Gen2 ports
  • Two DisplayPort video outputs
  • Two HDMI video outputs
  • RJ-45 connector for Esports Extrasbit Ethernet network
  • USB-C port for PD3.0 charging
  • TRRS jack connector for connecting headphones and microphone

GiGimundo LK10 - Right side

We have to emphasize that the maximum speed of 10 Gbps of the dock is obviously divided between all the connectors, so we will not have it in each of the connections. Of course, we can connect up to two 4K displays at 60 Hz simultaneously on both PC and Mac, thus breaking the limitation of Apple’s M1 and M2 chips thanks to a dedicated chip DisplayLink DL6950 built into the dock. Of course, we will only have the possibility of take a 5K image on Windows computersso it unfortunately does not offer the great advantage of doing it on Mac, where it is really interesting.

On the other hand, we must emphasize that the USB-C port allows the connection of a current transformer PD charging compatible and that I deliver up to 100W to pass it through the fixed cable to the PC to which we have connected the dock. This allows us to power a compatible laptop from the dock itself, so we only need to connect its cable to have all the added functionality, power included.

GiGimundo LK10 tests

GiGimundo LK10 - Rear side

For the review of GiGimundo LK10, we have connected it to a laptop with a Thunderbolt 4 port, also compatible with USB 3.2 Gen2. To the dock itself we have connected an external SSD, a mouse, a 4K screen at 60 Hz via HDMI and an internet connection from the RJ-45 connector. Of course, we must note that for its use, we need to install the DisplayLink driver from the Synaptics website.


With everything connected as we see above, we have been able to verify how the speed of access to the SSD drive goes from being around 1000 MB/s to around 650 MB/s. It is a logical figure for the bandwidth required by the rest of the devices, but really good to have everything connected to the laptop with a single cable.

Of course, we must note that it gets quite hot with demanding use, but at no time has it been a problem for its operation, only to touch it.


GiGimundo LK10

We conclude the review of the GiGimundo LK10 highlighting the ease of use it offers and above all, the comfort it provides to certain users. If you are one of those who take your laptop to work or class and when you get home you connect a multitude of cables, a dock station like this is an ideal solution. With a single cable you will have connected your screens, your external drives, your peripherals and even your wired internet connection.

However, these benefits come at a price and it is not low. We can find for sale on amazon he GiGimundo LK10 with a price of 149.99 euros, nothing to do with the simpler models that only support one screen. And it is that, supporting two 4K screens at 60 Hz via HDMI or DisplayPort is not allowed by most docks, or at least not the cheapest ones, so they are in the position of needing them, there is no choice but to make the leap.

Main advantages
+ Very good quality of desEsports Extrasand materials
+ Compatible with USB-C / USB-A 3.2 Gen2
+ 3 USB-A 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps ports
+ 1 USB-C port with 100W PD3.0 charging
+ HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs for 2 4K @ 60 Hz displays
+ Esports Extrasbit Ethernet network connection
+ TRRS jack for headphones and microphone
Negative Aspects
High price in general of the dock station for double screen
Other Aspects
* Gets quite hot with heavy use, but doesn’t detract from performance

From The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Gold Award to USB hub GiGimundo LK10.

Gold Award

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