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Gizmo is now available in MultiVersus

Warner Bros. Games has announced that Gizmo is now available to play on Multi Versus, the free fighting and platform video game developed by Player First Games. The lovable mogwai creature from the Gremlins saga, who must avoid bright light, water and eat after midnight, arrives as part of the season 1 of Multi Versus and he’s a support class character with a set of moves that showcase his charisma and talents, including the ability to latch onto his teammates to help soak up any damage they take. The recently revealed gameplay trailer shows off the attacks and special moves of Gizmo– His musical note projectiles, his iconic pink toy sports car, and his signature bow and arrow. In addition, the variant of the character is now available, gizmo fighterto buy it in the game.

MultiVersus keeps moving forward

MultiVersus is a new free-to-play platform fighting video game being developed by Player First Games, featuring a 2v2 team format and featuring a top-tier cast of iconic characters, including Batman, Superman, wonder-woman Y harley quinn; shaggy Y Velma (Scooby Doo); bugs bunny and the Tasmanian *text muted* aka Taz (looney tunes); arya stark (Game of Thrones); Tom and Jerry (Tom and Jerry); Jake the dog Y Finn the human (Adventure Time); Steven Universe Y Garnet (Steven Universe); the Iron Giant (The iron Giant); Lebron James (Space Jam: New Legends); Morty Smith (rick and morty), Gizmo (gremlins) and an extraordinary and original creature called Perreno. More heroes and famous characters will be added to the game regularly, including Rick Sanchez (rick and morty), Black Adam (DC), Stripe (gremlins) and many others, who will join the cast of Multi Versus during the next few months.

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