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GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics will create their chip FAB in France

globalfoundries and stmicroelectronics will create their chip fab in france

We already knew for a year that GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics chose France, but there was still the remote possibility that the negotiations would fail. However, as expected, the neighboring country was not going to fail to get a key factory for the future of its industry and its economy. Meanwhile, USA looking at the shrews and scoring the same thing: losing yet another chip factory. And they go?

In a world in which the new generations view industrial work with disdain, and in which saboteurs and people with subversive agendas hide their plans to dismantle and destroy the industrial fabric in different countries of the world. Well, it is always bad news that a chip factory does not end up being created. And even more, when you have already had several failures in this regard, which shows that USApoliticians completely despise such an important market, which has the potential to strengthen other local sectors and improve the economy of a country.

GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics choose France

STMicroelectronics GlobalFoundries France

Both GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics have chosen France in the end. to ride your joint factory of high-precision electronic components and chips. Which will serve to supply semiconductors to several key industries within the European common market. Both companies have made it public through a press release. So once again in USA we are left without a relevant chip manufacturer within our borders, a success product of a government whose ineffectiveness on this issue and its obsessions are more than clear.


France already had the factory insured a year ago, but it has been these 12 months in which the Elysee government has been negotiating in order to ensure that another country does not take the factory. In USA, the absurd climatic obsessions and the enormous fiscal pressure make our country not competitive. Yes, well, our politicians are full of mouths about Europe, they have gone too far on certain issues and now we are facing the consequences.

The manufacture of chips in many sectors does not require having developed the most advanced technologies in terms of their production. So while Taiwan is sticking with the manufacturing of the most advanced, in areas like Europe where the automotive industry does not require chips made with the newest nodes are looking to regionalize the factories. Even more so when during the COVID-19 period the dependence on China came to harm entire production lines, which has caused millions in losses in various sectors, and not only the automobile.

What chips will be manufactured at your facility?

Factory STMicroelectronics

Well, those who use 18 nm FD-SOI type transistors. So we will not see high-caliber processors, nor graphics card chips. What’s more, the GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics factory in France will focus on creating chips for the internet of thingsthe world of automotive, communications and especially for industrial equipment.


Think for a moment about the market that this implies and you will understand why this factory is not in our country is a huge failure on the part of our administration. Of course they have gotten help from the French government, most likely in the form of tax breaks and other financial support. However, with this in the Gallic lands they manage to have a strategic element in their economy, which will serve to prop up and reinforce several of their industries.

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