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Glorious Stitch Cloth Mouse Pad XXL Review

glorious stitch cloth mouse pad xxl review

Contrary to popular belief… It is useless to have the most expensive mouse on the market with the most powerful sensor, optical buttons, the most elaborate resolution and the highest IPS level; if under it there is not a high-quality mouse pad to support our gaming sessions.

It seems extremely unlikely that a majority really has a level of earthly awareness about the huge difference that a conventional mouse pad in poor condition makes compared to a high-quality, well-cared for and hygienic mouse pad.


At a time when eSports have become a product of mass consumption, and certain video games require levels of practice and meticulousness similar to those of any physical sport; It is necessary and our responsibility as players to provide our peripherals with adequate and consistent physical stimuli.

Choosing the right mouse pad is quite a process.

There are already an infinity of brands both large and small that offer various options for mouse pads made of cloth and hard surfaces made of plastic, glass or polymers; The decision carries with it certain factors that range from the objective to the subjective.

How prone is the material to become electrically charged? How sturdy are the sliders on our mouse in question? What is the area and friction tolerance level of our sliders?


They sound like questions that not everyone could answer, but nevertheless they are few of the ones that we should be asking ourselves when making the choice.

That being said… It is objectively healthy to read about it, inform ourselves, study the phenomena and do tests.

We have in our hands the Glorious Stitch Cloth Mouse Pad…

Which, like the brand’s proprietary mouses, has earned a place among the highest quality and performance mouse-pads along with those that lead the preference of an enthusiastic majority.


Its XXL version in super o’clock dimensions of 36 x 18 inches and a thickness of 3 mm makes it a perfect addition to our desk, on top of which we can place both our keyboard to reduce spring noise, and our mouse and have a surface extensive.

With a full-size keyboard and either a long-wired or wireless mouse, the user can enjoy the amount of space that will allow gameplay at lower resolutions and enable the highest level of precision through a consistently textured, high-quality cloth surface. .

It claims to offer long wear time thanks to dense stitching and a texture that is not overly harsh.


This leaves as a result that the mouse pad does not sand the surface of the teflon sliders on our mouse, and that they do not pool inside the pores of the fabric to become stains once they come into contact with sweat.

Due to the same tone, it is easy to clean with brushes, sponges or microfiber towels.

However, it is healthy to take into account that a thickness of 3 mm and a padded surface can work against it, depending on the type of mouse we are using…

We were recently reviewing the Model O 2 Wireless, which left something to be desired on the sliders side.


They are still just as small, and this creates very little tolerance for smooth, consistent slides at high speeds.

The Stitch Cloth Mouse Pad, with its thickness of 3mm, offers a cushioned surface that provides a higher level of comfort from the subjective point of view; but which nonetheless suggests a mouse with extended or continuous sliders like the Model D Wireless.

It should be noted that from personal experience, cloth mouse pads are prone to magnetically charging with the friction of continued use; and can create unwanted results and inconsistencies for those who wish to try additions such as ceramic sliders.



If you’re looking for a new mouse pad that comes in a huge variety of sizes to fit all computer setups; the Glorious Stitch Cloth Mouse Pad is more than worth the attention.

There is no debate to be had around the level of comfort and consistency in its texture. However, it should be a conscious purchase and you should be provided with a mouse with glide surfaces to match.

This review was made possible by a copy provided by Glorious Gaming.


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