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God of War: a new game discovered? The big dumpling

god of war: a new game discovered? the big dumpling

Will Kratos and Atreus return in a new adventure? A clue tends to confirm the development of a new God of War game. A release on PS5?


With God of War Ragnarok, SIE Santa Monica Studio has transformed the trial of the new formula. The game even managed to compile the direction of before and that of today for an astonishing and explosive result. Critics have once again embraced Kratos & Atreus’ journey, and sales have been insane. A historic record for the license that has existed since 2005. After such success, it is difficult to see how PlayStation could stop there, and an index seems to confirm good news.

A new God of War game in development? Amazing !

Obviously, there’s a lot going on at SIE Santa Monica. At least two very big games are said to be in development right now. Cory Barlog has been rumored for some time to be the director of a new sci-fi franchise. A hallway noise that would have been corroborated by one of the screenwriters of God of War Ragnarok, Alanah Pearce.

Here is the exchange she had with Mike Bithell, the developer of Thomas Was Alone or even John Wick Hex. “Mike Bithell: […] an unannounced sci-fi franchise I’m writing right now; Alanah: same, hehe”. To see if it was a real dumpling on his part, but Cory Barlog really expressed the wish to create his franchise, God of War not being his at the base. The fact that he gave up his place as director for Ragnarok is perhaps an additional clue.


If this project is real, it would therefore be the most advanced. As for the second, it would indeed be a new God of War game. SIE Santa Monica is looking for different profiles for positions in Combat Design. And to be hired, candidates “must know GOW (2018) and GOW Ragnarok”. But more than that, they absolutely must “be able to talk in detail about combat systems, mechanics and enemies”. In short, you have to know this universe like the back of your hand and be able to analyze it in depth.

Credits: PlayStation.

This developer says yes to a return of Kratos… and Atreus?

God of War Ragnarok has definitively closed the Nordic arc of the saga. No DLC will see the light of day because Eric Williams, the director of this episode, thinks he has covered the question.

“There are several reasons: one of the most important is that the first Norse God of War took us 5 years to develop. I don’t know how long the second one is going to take – I hesitate, I think it will be about the same – and if we imagine having to do a third one at the same time, we arrive at a cycle fifteen years to tell one and the same story. I think it’s way too long. And given where we were at with Eric and the whole team, I thought that we could conclude with a second game, because the heart of our story is really the relationship that unites Kratos and Atreus”.


The game’s ending stands on its own, even if it teases a new journey for Kratos and Atreus. Together ? Each on their own? Mystery. But in any case, Eric Williams has already declared that he would be in favor of continuing the franchise. “I remember talking to someone from a video game company who was trying to poach me. He said to me “Do you want to be known as the God of War guy for the rest of your life? And then I said, was that your big argument to dissuade me? Because yes, that’s what I kinda want”.

Seeing Eric Williams on a God of War 3 PS5 would be great news, but there is bad news. The very talented artistic director Raf Grassetti left the studio to go to Netflix. With Jason Staten (Halo), Jerry Edsall (Gears 5) and Chacko Sonny (Overwatch 2), he is bringing to life a new IP that will be an action-RPG.