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GOG celebrates its 14th anniversary with more than 900 discounts: here are 13 of the best offers and a free game

the digital store G.O.G. is celebrating because just turned 14 since he began his journey, which is said soon. On the occasion of this event, he wanted to start a new discount promotion in which this time it is entirely dedicated to retro and very classic titlesfor all those who want to remember what games were like many years ago.

All this is accompanied by a great surprise, because until Sunday, October 2, you will have the opportunity to free download Master of Magic Classic and thus incorporate it into your account forever. It’s as simple as accessing the main page of the store, clicking on the banner that appears and it will instantly appear in your library.

Returning to the aforementioned promotion, we have made a selection with 13 of the best offers that will remain available until October 9so we leave you with them and their great discounts:

  • Alan Wake for 3.79 euros. There are works that are still worthwhile no matter how long they go by and this one from Remedy is one of the company’s best. A psychological action thriller in which the writer Alan Wake must search for his missing wife in a small, sinister town.
  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition for 4.79 euros. The classic RPG has been improved in this version, keeping its epic campaEsports Extrasand its 11 playable classes, although it includes new challenges, difficulty levels, and also comes with all its expansions.
  • Beyond Good & Evil for 1.49 euros. While we’re still waiting for its sequel, you can pick up the original title, in which you’ll team up with action reporter Jade in order to uncover the truth of why the government is unable to repel an alien invasion in a world full of deceit and thus restore freedom.
  • *text muted* + Hellfire for 7.89 euros. The first title in the series is very mythical, an excellent action RPG in which you must destroy the evil forces that devastate Tristram. The edition is accompanied by a non-canon story with new threats, weapons, locations, and an additional class.
  • Disney Classic Games Collection for 17.49 euros. A compilation that will allow you to enjoy the 16-bit adventures of Aladdin, The Jungle Book and The Lion King, three classics with visual improvements, new features, difficulty levels and much more.
  • Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for 6.66 euros. A spin-off of the post-apocalyptic saga that is perfectly on par with the main titles, especially with this edition that compiles all the expansions and downloadable content that it has received over time.

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  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis for 1.79 euros. LucasArts has developed several graphic adventures of Indiana Jones, but if we were to stick with one, it would be this one in which the famous archaeologist and adventurer will try to search for Atlantis itself, having to deal with the Nazis and with countless puzzles and places to explore.
  • Rayman Origins for 1.99 euros. Another game thrown at the price and with which fun will be guaranteed, especially for its cooperative multiplayer in which up to four people will collaborate to overcome the campaEsports Extraswith more than 60 fun 2D platform levels.
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D for 2.89 euros. Among the offers in the store there are several Star Wars video games that are cheaper than normal, but this one cannot be missing from your list to fully engage in spectacular space battles in which the Rebels and the Empire will face each other.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition for 4.49 euros. One of the most acclaimed installments of the Bethesda franchise with this RPG that offers complete freedom to explore a huge fantasy world in this special edition that includes all its expansions.
  • The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for 2.89 euros. Now that the saga has returned in style, you have the opportunity to relive its origins with this remastering of one of the best graphic adventures of all time, with a renewed graphic and musical section, with character voices and more news.
  • Warcraft I + II Bundle for 11.79 euros. In its origins, Warcraft began as a strategy saga and one of the best, so join the orcs or humans in these classics along with their expansions.
  • Worms WMD for 5.99 euros. The most brutal and crazy worms in video games return to action with new weapons and mechanics, a campaEsports Extrasdivided into more than 30 levels and of course with a multiplayer mode that will be the mode with which you will spend the most hours in front of the screen.


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