Lunar New Year is one of those times when some companies sEsports Extrasup to celebrate this event with sales on their video games. That is what has led to GOG to start a new batch of offers that will remain available until January 30, but at the same time it offers us the opportunity to download a video game for free.

The one chosen for the occasion is Haven Park and to get hold of it you will need to create an account in the digital store or connect with yours. Immediately afterwards, it will be enough to access its main page and click on the banner that contains the title in question, at which time it will become part of your library forever.

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This cute title is perfect for spending an entertaining afternoon as Flint, who takes care of all the tasks of keeping his grandmother’s park in good condition so that the campers who visit it feel at home. For this he will touch fulfill their requests and wishes and build everything that is needed with the missions that they grant.

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In turn, this will serve to learn in depth the stories of the campers and incidentally learn new skills throughout the four hours approximately that it can last for you. Regarding the rest of the offers, among all of them you will find discounts of up to 95% on thousands of products, so do not hesitate to take a look at them.

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