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Gohan inherited a terrible trait from Goku in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super continues to advance with its original story that tells us about the advanced life of Son Goku and his friends after saving the earth multiple times.

However, one of the Saiyan hero’s greatest challenges goes beyond fighting, and his son Gohan may have inherited his shortcomings in this regard. Below we will discuss information about the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91so you can find a slight spoiler If you haven’t followed the series.


Once warned, let’s talk about Gohan’s curious habit that many fans have not liked much in the new chapter.

Finally the history of Dragon Ball Super is entering the new arc of the manga with chapter 91. Not everything is new here, as the anime will be tasked with adapting the events of the popular movie. Dragon Ball Super: Super Herowhich stood out for Gohan’s role.

Goku’s son has always been one of the characters most loved by fans for his kind and dedicated personality. Gohan always displayed exceptional power that at one point surpassed even his father’s. However, what stood out the most about this character was how much he valued his family.


Gohan worried in particular about his mother and finishing his studies to meet his expectations. His efforts to become a good person were for many just as impressive as Goku’s. However, he seems to have inherited one of his most criticized traits.

Dragon Ball Super: Gohan could become an absent father like Goku

Goku has always been a very popular hero, but he is not without his flaws, even after the power he achieved in Dragon Ball Super. One of the most criticized traits of him is that he has not been a great father.


Goku was almost never present in his children’s childhood, since he always found an excuse to escape to train. The worst thing is that the time he spent with Gohan and Goten usually ended up putting them at risk. It can also be said that Goku did not care too much about his own life to the point of leaving Milk a widow.

The famous Dragon Ball hero is also known to be eternally unemployed. He never got a job or has responsibilities beyond fighting, and even with Mr. Satan’s patronage, he was almost never present with his wife and children. It would be difficult to calculate the effort that Milk has had to make to support her family without the support of her absent husband. In Dragon Ball Super we have seen good monetary help, but raising a child is much more than that.

And the worst thing is that the fruit does not fall far from the tree. Now that years have passed since the last time the earth was in danger, everyone seems to live in peace. Despite this, neither Goku nor Gohan are spending time with their children.


As revealed in the manga, Gohan is too obsessed with his investigations to take care of his responsibilities towards his daughter, Pan. In fact, Piacolo complains that he had to look for the little girl from school because it seems like a frequent occurrence. He even reproaches her that her “trash” work shouldn’t have more priority than picking up her daughter.

The good news is that this opens the way to see more development of Gohan as a character, if that is Toriyama’s intention in Dragon Ball Super. It would be a shame if he stuck to the stereotype of the work-obsessed Japanese dad.