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Goldeneye 007: We review the legacy of the game that marked a before and after – Xbox

In September of last year we received news that would leave us shocked, as the return of the most famous agent and spy of all time was announced, James Bond or 007but not in the way you would expect it to be, not by means of a new title, on the contrary, this return would be more epic what we are talking about, because goldeneye 007 would return, the mythical title of the year 97I would go back again.


To understand the magnitude of this comeback, let’s take a trip back in time. In the mid-90s we had consoles that began a new era in graphic power with the 32/64 bit (Nintendo 64 -Playstation -Sega Saturn -Dreamcast), at which time the first steps of the transition between 2D and the incursion of 3D were taken, many IPS were making that leap with the help of technological advances and it was clear to think that it would happen at some point.

nintendo 64 and playstation

It was not easy to make the leap to 3D and many games failed in the attempt, but a company was determined not only to offer us a new 3D experience, but also to offer us a well-known franchise in the film industry, James Bond. Just in those moments Rare belonged to Nintendo and they wanted to bring us something different, so they decided to get the Goldeneye 007 movie rights and to be able to bring us a game of the beloved agent 007.

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goldeneye 007movie

GoldenEye 64 helped define Rare’s golden age

But, What does this game represent? Why is there so much joy in the air? What is special about this title? It’s very simple to understand Rare was in its prime as a developerhad established itself with games such as: the trilogy of Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct and had him nintendo support and with great recognition, for this reason they decided to make this new secret spy game. Something to keep in mind is that the team behind this work was an inexperienced group that brought out the best in each one, managing to be immortalized for the great work done and offering us a benchmark game at the time.


The game was developed as a first-person shooter, something completely unexpected, since FPS was not popular on consoles and wanting to bring a game of this style would be doomed to fail. At least that was thought in those years. Rare, on the other hand, had a lot of creativity and ingenuity and they managed to create a completely round game in all its sections.

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goldeneye 007 single

Goldeneye 007 was a quest-based game with a wide variety of weapons and gadgets. It was a title very faithful to the story of the movie of the same name, it also had exceptional details such as the AI ​​of the enemies that reacted to the shots, had facial models of the characters and let’s not forget that the motion capture gave a sensation of realism and personality.

To the above we must add a four-person split-screen local multiplayer, which was the icing on the cake and gave us something that was only possible thanks to the genius of Rare, laying many foundations with this mode. The whole set up was an outstanding display, never before seen on a home system and not to mention that it was on a 64-bit console at the time.


goldeneye 007 multiplayer

Success was not expected, I managed to sell around 8 million copiesthis left a precedent in the history of video games, since it was a title based on a movie (from agent 007), in addition to the fact that the doors of the FPS were opened towards consoles, by offering us a solid story and unparalleled multiplayer, winning recognition and awards for the great work done by Rare.

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The paradigm is completed with the affirmation that this genre did not have to be pigeonholed into shooting and killing monstersoffering us a revolution on practically any scale worth its salt.

It is true that not everyone was able to experience those glorious moments of the games during that golden age of rareware and of the industry. The wonderful thing about this return is that the new generations will be able to revive a game that I mark a before and after, leaving a legacy ahead. For this reason, a joy overwhelms us and the importance of his return represents the cry and affection of all.


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