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Goodbye to the precious guide of Super Mario 64: Nintendo forces to remove the images for copyright


The Japanese company marks one more point in its eternal struggle to protect everything related to its licenses.

Super Mario 64

A few days ago, the Internet marveled at the official guide to Super Mario 64. In its pages, this little book called Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Guide Book had photos of handmade dioramas that, in addition to being beautiful, also explained to the players how to overcome some of the obstacles in the game. However, and as It’s already customary in the Big Nit seems that we will no longer be able to enjoy these models on the web.

Kotaku, medium that initially informed us of the existence of this guide published on the Internet nonprofitreturns with sadder news: Nintendo of America has requested removal of all images related to this guide. Comfort Food Video Gamesthe Twitter account that shared the photos of the manual after scanning its pages, has followed Nintendo’s indication and has expressed its thoughts on this practice.

Image from Super Mario 64

All I wanted was to express my love for that amazing guide and companyComfort Food Video Games“Sadly, sent me their usual takedown email telling me that Nintendo of America had disputed the copyright of the scan and it had been taken down,” he explains to Kotaku. “Frankly, I’d love to. question the legitimacy of this and how Nintendo of America would have anything to do with a Nintendo Japan licensed guide from 1995, but I really can’t fight the Nintendo legal team. it’s incredibly disappointing“.

“Although I fully understand IP protection and copyright, I didn’t think I was harming anyone if I scanned and posted a guide from 27 years ago that is already out of print“He continues in his message. “I really think it helps Nintendo while it hurts other people who sell this guide for literally hundreds of dollars. All I wanted was to express my love for that amazing guide and company.”

Image from Super Mario 64

“I’m a newbie to video game preservation, but I can’t think of anything more depressing than seeing a handful of hard-working people laboriously investing their spare time and money into archive and preserve historywhile giant corporations like Nintendo they are doing nothing to help. In fact, they are only getting in the way of the cause,” the statement concluded.

Those who have been around for a while will know that, unfortunately, this is not the first time that Nintendo has acted like this. His practice has led him to delete everything related to projects quite funny, like the Pokemon shooter, and even YouTube videos with music from their licenses, as we have seen with the closure of a channel that broadcast relaxing video game music. In addition, they also put an end to really nice creationswhich has included the cancellation of a Metroid fan art book.

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