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Google boosts the performance of quantum computing by reducing its errors

Today, the world’s most powerful supercomputers equipped with thousands of graphics cards and processors are no match for a quantum computer, even a low-powered one. Quantum computing is light years away from what classical computing can achieve when it comes to the speed of solving complex calculations. Although this is much faster, it is not without errors and these must be avoided whenever possible. Now Google has announced a breakthrough in the error correction in quantum computers increasing its number of qubits.

Quantum computing sounds like something futuristic, extremely complex and straight out of a piece of science fiction. However, if we focus on the basics to understand it, its main difference is that they use qubits (or qubits) instead of bits. What in a conventional PC we understand by binary code and can only take a value of 0 or 1 at a timewith the qubits you can have multiple values ​​at onceallowing much faster calculations.

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Google manages to reduce errors and take a further step in quantum computing

Google Computer Quantum Sycamore GPU

One of the biggest problems facing quantum computing is the problem of quantum decoherence. This is when the system stops having the desired quantum effects and really behaves like a conventional computer, that is, it loses the advantages that this technology implies. Preventing this and other types of errors from occurring in a quantum computer is essential to achieve the so-called “quantum supremacy“. Companies like Google and IBM have spent years struggling to achieve leadership in this sector and now they have managed to apply a quantum error correction.

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According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, through this quantum error correction, information is encoded through multiple physical qubits to create a logical qubit. With this, they manage to create a large-scale quantum computer with low error rates and thus make it compatible with quantum algorithms.

They manage to improve performance in large-scale equipment

China Quantum Computer

Quantum AI researchers at Google have made a breakthrough using such a system of error correction in quantum computers. And it is that, the team developed a superconducting quantum processor with 72 qubit and they did two tests with it. In one they created a logical qubit from 49 physical qubits and in the other they stayed with a version with 17 physical qubits. The larger version with logic qubit achieved better performance than that of 17 physical qubits.

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Google’s experiment was a complete success, since with logical qubits they were able to reduce error rates as system size increases. This array of entangled qubits will help create faster quantum computers with fewer errors and higher performance. This is a very important step towards that quantum future that many are hoping to reach and even China is developing its own quantum computers. The use of these will be essential to help solve any type of problem that is beyond the reach of traditional computers.

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