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Google has problems with its new Esports Extras 7 Pro, it “drinks” the battery

Google launched its new Google Esports Extras 7 and Esports Extras 7 Pro smartphones yesterday, October 13. Hardly a day has passed since it went on sale and the Google Esports Extras 7 Pro already presents problemsin particular, with its screen, something that should concern users, since it reduces battery life to a great extent.


The range of Google Esports Extras smartphones has just received the new models that will release the chip G2 tensioner. with the new Google Esports Extras 7the company has opted for 8GB RAM Y 128GB of storage, although you can opt for a version of 256GB. Its main attraction is, without a doubt, its cameras, as it has been the strong point of the Esports Extras for years. They reach a maximum of 50 megapixels in the case of the rear camera main, where we also highlight a 12 megapixel wide angle. In addition, both in the Google Esports Extras 7 models and the Esports Extras 7Prothe screen receive improvements, such as a 25% brightness increase and a resolution 2K+ and 120Hz at the top of the range.

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Google 7 Pro has problems with the screen

Google Pixel 7 Pro Display

It is precisely on the screen, where the first problems of the Google Esports Extras 7 Pro arise, something that curiously is only present in this high-end model. We know this information thanks to adam conwaysenior technical editor of XDA-Developers, which has been analyzing the Google Esports Extras 7 Pro. It highlights that the battery of this new model lasts considerably longer than that of the Google Esports Extras 6 Pro, but when the brightness is increased, the battery plummets. Specifically, when using the smartphone with the full brightnessit is observed that the duration of the drastically low battery.

This should not be anything new, since all mobiles, when used with maximum brightness, consume more and therefore, battery hours are considerably reduced. However, this case is more extreme and out of concern, he decided to measure the battery consumption of the Google Esports Extras 7 Pro screen. In addition, he compared it with el Google Esports Extras 6 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Pluswhich consume less energy same level of brightness of screen.

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Brightness of the screen Google Esports Extras 6 Pro Google Esports Extras 7 Pro Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
600 nits 2.9W 3.5W – 4W 2W
800 nits 4W
1000 nits 6W 4W

If you have a Google Esports Extras 7 Pro avoid playing with the brightness at maximum

Google Pixel 7 Pro Colors

Although these differences in energy consumption may be very small, for a smartphone they are not. We talked about the screen of the Google Esports Extras 7 Pro consume 4W at 600nits of brightness, something that is equivalent to the 800 nits of the Google Esports Extras 6 Pro or 1000 nits from the Galaxy S22 Plus. And now, if we go to the 6W that it consumes if we go up to 1000 nits, the Google Esports Extras 7 Pro goes from being an efficient mobile to consuming battery at a worrying rate. Assuming a TDP of between 10 to 12W for the Google Tensor G2 that it has, we would place ourselves in a total consumption of about 16 to 18W on heavy gaming with the brightness at 1000 nits.

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To give us an idea, this would give us a game time of about three hours and a third of that consumption would be due to the screen. In addition, it is a hardware problem, probably related to the panel used by the Google Esports Extras 7 Pro. To make matters worse, this is not the only problem, as another user warned that the screen remains active a few milliseconds after turning it offcausing you to enter applications unintentionally.


So let us remember that these Google Esports Extras 7 They have a starting price of €649 for the base model, while the model Pro exhibiting these display problems amounts to €899 for the 128GB Y €999 for the version of 256GB storage.


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