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Google includes a great nod to The Last of Us with this function that you can try now


Google has not missed the opportunity to make an Easter egg for today’s biggest audiovisual success.

Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us series

The Last of Us series on HBO Max is already a success that no one doubted would come, so it has become the second best premiere of the platformonly behind House of the Dragon, which is a spin-off of the series that has had the most, so it has not been a negligible result at all.

Be that as it may, this is something that is being reflected in the video games themselves, since we have been able to learn that the sales of The Last of Us Part 1 and Remastered have grown as a result of the premiere of the series, so it is beginning to be seen sense to the release of the remake knowing that the title could be played without problems on PS5 thanks to backward compatibility. However, it seems that it is not limited to this, since Google has been in charge of making its own tribute.

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If you put The Last of Us HBO on Google, you will see your screen being invaded by cordyceps

Under this same premise, in the last few hours it has been reported that Google has left a certain Easter egg from The Last of Usbeing so that if The Last of Us HBO is searched in the search engine, we can see how the icon of a mushroom. Once we click on it, we will see how the infection starts, completely invading the screen with a desEsports Extrasvery similar to that seen in the series and the video game.

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It should be noted that this occurs when putting The Last of Us, but in our case I had to add HBO at the end, so we encourage you to try both combinations in order to be able to experience for yourselves the expansion of Cordyceps.

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Having said all of the above, it only remains to point out that Every Sunday morning a new chapter of The Last of Us premieres on HBO Max, while in the case of USA we can see it on Monday morning. On the other hand, video games are also giving people talk, since the multiplayer of the saga could be just around the corner while The Last of Us Part 1 will be released next March for PC.