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Google messes it up again by promoting a fake NVIDIA driver website with a Trojan


Google messes it up again by promoting a fake NVIDIA driver website with a Trojan

It seems that the beginning of the year is being quite busy in terms of computer security refers and Google seems to be a perfect partner for some criminals on the network who try to infect our computers with malicious software.

If a few days ago we told you how Google was promoting a fake AMD web page that actually made us download some drivers for your graphics cards loaded with malware, now the same case happens but with NVIDIAwho has seen how the web has been completely cloned for the same purpose.

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The discovery on this occasion comes from the portal El Chapuzas Informático that when performing a search for “NVIDIA Drivers” It seemed to you in the first position a website with the address which, as you might suspect, is fake and is an imitation made by criminals and that has appeared in the first place above the official NVIDIA website after these criminals buy advertising from Google to be highlighted in this search with the giant again failing to detect such cases when it accepts payment for the ads and decides to happily display them on the most widely used search engine on the planet.

A rewarding download

If any user click on the link of this fake website forks fooled by this almost perfect imitation (something that can happen even if you have computer skills but get caught a little clueless) when download drivers see how on your PC you receive a file named

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If you install it, you will actually be loading your computer with a Trojan. that infects the equipment and that allows the attacker to delete, block, modify or copy information and alter the operation of the equipment with all the headaches that this can bring us seeing exposed important files, passwords and all kinds of information that comes directly to It is not the first time nor the second time that criminals take advantage of Google ads to do their misdeeds and things like this can cause users to be curious about other search engines such as Bing, DuckDuck Go or the recently released in USA “Neeva “.

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