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Google paid Activision Blizzard to avoid competition in the mobile market | we are xbox

Google and Apple are currently the only companies that have a powerful storefront in the mobile market, but that could have been very different. After the arrival of Call of Duty on mobiles, Google paid Activision Blizzard to avoid competition in said marketsince the company’s intention was to create a store outside of Google and Apple, in order to try to achieve greater benefits.


However, information provided by fosspatents revealed that Google paid Activision Blizzard a figure of 360 million dollars in order not to compete with them in said market, with a 3-year agreement. Specifically, in a period set between 2020 and 2023, the parent company of franchises such as Call of Duty or Candy Crush would continue to reach the Google platform, also preventing Activision from creating its own store.

Google paid Activision

Source: Fosspatents

Google paid Activision Blizzard to avoid competition in the mobile market

With the Activision Blizzard buyout situation as hot as it is, especially after the CMA proposed to Microsoft that if they wanted their blessing to approve the acquisition they should untie Call of Duty from the deal, this information is most convenient for those of us. Redmond, especially since Google is one of the companies that seems to be taking a stand against the deal.


As he points out Florian Mullerthis position benefits Microsoft more than Sony in the disputesince the American company has been penalized on countless occasions by the competition agencies of the European Union, which should offer its first conclusions on the purchase of Activision in the coming weeks.

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It remains to be seen whether or not this information plays a crucial role in the decision of the European Union commission, but there is no doubt that the practices that Google has carried out in recent years are not the best example of decent competition. , something that can end up taking its toll on her and Sony, and benefiting Microsoft and all the players who support the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.