Google Stadia seeks to reinvent itself by offering free demos and eliminating unnecessary registrations

Tom Henry

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The company has announced several new features during the Google for Games Developer Summit event.

The case of Stadia is really curious. This is the most serious commitment to video games that he has made Google in recent years, but since its premiere in 2019 it has not been able to reap the success that could be predicted for the game through the cloud. Now it is in a complicated situation, looking for different solutions to reconvert the platform.

This objective is something that its own managers have confirmed during the event called Google for Games Developer Summit that was held yesterday. In it it is clear that Google will seek to reinvent the service during 2022, and for this they have different plans that the companions of The Verge have collected.

The first and most striking is that they will seek to allow any game developer on Stadia to offer a free playable demo instant access to it. It won’t require you to sEsports Extrasin to a Stadia account to play, just a couple of clicks on YouTube, through a Google search, or using social media.


This issue will not be left here, since the login is seen as an impediment to reaching more people. In this way, they plan to let users freely browse the store without the need to register on the platform, to discover both free trials and games that do not require a cost to start.

Provide options for developersFinally, this year they want to focus on offering more options to development teams, allowing for easier porting from Unreal Engine or Unity to Stadia, making it much easier to publish games to the service. They will also study the option of letting other companies use Google’s technology to offer their own products.

We don’t know at all if the changes will eventually take effect, but it seems clear that while it’s not a popular choice among gamers, Google he doesn’t want to leave her right away. At the moment, the five new Stadia Pro games planned for this March are already available, in addition to some free trials of more renowned titles.

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