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Gotham Knights cooperative will allow two players to control the same character, as strange as it may sound

This year Gotham Knights arrives and although there are still some questions out there, the game is going to love it. Now it seems that will allow two players to control the same character as its creators have commented.

In an interview with the Game Informer medium, more details of the game have been known. Including this detail as strange as it may sound, so no one is left without playing with their favorite character.

During the same and recently we learned that Gotham Knights can be played in its entirety in individual mode, along with new details of the cooperative mode, missions and skins.


Gotham Knights – Gameplay with Red Hood and Nightwing

In one of the many questions the doubt arises: “If my main is Nightwing and my friend’s main happens to be Nightwing as well, does that mean one of us has to be a different hero?

Or could there be an Elseworlds situation where there are two Nightwings together?“And it is a question that surely many players have asked themselves, of course.

In that case the first response was from the game’s director, Geoff Ellenor. “You can make it as weird as you want“, so at least in that sense it is clearer clearer.

But Gotham Knights executive producer Fleur Marty He added something else: “We are going to leave that to the players“, he said to begin with; although shortly after he developed it a little more.

We know that some people will love different characters, but others will not careMarty said about it.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a funny moment in the game if you’re playing two characters that are the same. We leave you complete freedom“.

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That wants leaves many questions, but also a lot of curiosity about play as the same two characters in Gotham Knights.

What could this be? doTwo Batgirls at once? Any highlights with two Red Hood? In any case, we are going to have to wait until justice is distributed at the end of the year.

Although the game was seen in a new look during the Summer Game Fest 2022. In any case, it can still be reserved at GAME to get an exclusive metal box and deck of cards.

Gotham Knights is the biggest version of Gotham that has been seen in video games. Will it be up to the task? The new game from Warner Bros. Games Montreal lands on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC this year, very attentive to what is coming.

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