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Gotham Knights: the failure of the game has serious consequences

gotham knights: the failure of the game has serious consequences

A failure in the world of video games is painful for a studio, because it often has direct consequences for developers. This is illustrated by the recent situation of Gotham Knights.


With disappointing sales against the Batman: Arkham series and negative reviews from the public and professionals on several aspects, Gotham Knights failed to seduce. And when such a project fails, it’s often disastrous for a large part of a studio’s team. Although no official announcement has been made, rumors suggest a tense atmosphere within WB Games Montreal.

The failure of Gotham Knights has repercussions

Sources including the Reddit forums and ResetEra report that WB Games Montreal is going through a tough time. While specific details remain unclear, several key developers who participated in Gotham Knights have left the team. This is the case of Geoff Ellenor (Game Director), Patrick Redding (Creative Director) and Fleur Marty (Executive Producer). The YouTube channel Podcast Now mentions that several of them have joined Ubisoft and Eidos. Meanwhile, much of the remaining team is working on Mortal Kombat 1 and the mysterious Wonder Woman game. Some gamers are concerned, believing that the current failure, after a decade of waiting, doesn’t bode well for future DC titles.


The DC universe in video games

Whether in movies or gaming, DC seems to be struggling to compete with Marvel, with the notable exception of the Arkham Knights saga and some Batman films. However, with the launch of the DCU and the movie Blue Beetle, DC Studios also hopes to expand its video game universe. Indeed, James Gunn, currently co-president of DC Studios, has expressed his wish to go in this direction. However, following the failure of Gotham Knights, the road ahead looks difficult. The undeniable success of the Batman: Arkham saga now seems a long way off. Because another crucial aspect to consider is public trust. Once trust is lost, it is extremely difficult to regain it. The next game will not only carry the weight of its own expectations, but also that of correcting the mistakes of the past. And while the DC Universe is already struggling to match Marvel’s massive popularity, this failure adds further pressure on the shoulders of the next game (Wonder Woman?).

The video game industry is a complex machine where the success of a game depends not only on its gameplay, graphics or story, but also on the timing of its release, marketing and changing consumer expectations. players. A game, even with considerable potential, can fail for a multitude of reasons. This complexity is amplified when we’re talking about a franchise like DC. In any case, we obviously wish the best for WB Games Montreal.