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GPU sales at AMD, NVIDIA and Intel by 2023, who is going up or down?

Last week we saw the sales of graphics cards in Germany and how in a country with such a population these were not what was expected, also within any range or series of GPUs, both from NVIDIA and AMD. New reports change that perspective in just 10 days, because the world market is moving and depending on where you ask, the answers are better or worse, but they all have a link: the high-end market is slowing down, the RTX 40 and NVIDIA will fail in 2023, AMD will rise, Intel is KO

Lime and sand in different parts, the balance is broken and it will be abruptly for both. MLID is back on the scene with new data on what the first month of the year has given and what is to come. Some forecasts that are not good for two of the three players in the industry.


NVIDIA begins the de-escalation, AMD rises, Intel is “dead” sales crisis in 2023?

At the end of last year, just two months ago, sales indicated that the RTX 4080 was being ignored after the initial sales boom. In return, the RTX 4090 was apparently taking the upper hand, because users preferred to pay that extra extra given the price difference between the two cards.

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The situation, at least in the US (which is always the first to notice changes in its currency) is that the trend is changing. RTX 4090s now take much longer to sell and depending on the retailer that is consulted, it offers some results or others. Specifically, just over a month ago the RTX 4090 sold out in hours, now they can be sold in one or two days and the models that exceed the $1,900 they take even longer.


Another (unspecified) retailer speaks of slowdown directly. What used to take a day to sell now takes a week with the RTX 4090s. A different retailer says that in January he bought 12 of these GPUs and only sold one. But this is not all, because after the first days of high sales of the RTX 4070 Ti, now everything has slowed down and it is already going down to RTX 4080 levels, which are extremely bad…

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The problem gets to such a point that two industry experts on retail commented that “RTX 40 will not sell well in 2023”. Meanwhile, the RTX 30 “They sell like hot cakes.”

The mid-range and previous series are the queens of the market


The RTX 30 are, by far, the most demanded on the market due to their MSRP prices or below and their good price-quality ratio. The problem is that in certain models we are buying at levels when they were launched on the market, and therefore, NVIDIA is making a good cash with them. The problem is that we are close to the time when they run out and the lower and mid-range RTX 40s are released at higher prices.

Meanwhile, the report indicates that the RX 6000 and RX 7000 are advancing at a faster pace and will soon outsell NVIDIA. In fact, one of the retailers commented that “they sell as fast as we get them”. The RX 7900 XTX seems to be the favorite of the American market, while in Europe it is its younger brother.

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In fact, it’s been said that “I’ve never seen a Radeon graphics card sell so extremely well.” in the last 10 years“. A good sEsports Extrasthat the average user is looking favorably on AMD’s performance/watts/price and a clear warning to NVIDIA of how the tables are turning.

As for Intel and its Arc… Another retailer has been really blunt and clear: “Arc’s sales are as dead as their department”. Harsh statements without a doubt, although it cannot be denied that we are practically talking about a launch on paper and that Intel has not been able to redirect the situation with its new GPUs.


And so far the sales of AMD, NVIDIA and Intel for 2023, where the forecast is that the red team can turn the game around, as long as NVIDIA does not push prices down, which is unlikely given what has been seen.

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