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GPU sales fell 42% in this highly profitable market

China It’s always been one of the top hardware-selling businesses, but GPU sales haven’t been able to save it from the downturn. According to the latest market reports from Board Channelsit is revealed that GPU sales in China have fallen sharply.

This is quite interesting, and not because China was previously the main stronghold in sales, but because they were where practically all the mining farms in the world were. This is striking, since China is the strongest hardware sales countryand much of the blame lies with internet cafes. Although, for example, in USA, Internet cafes were a fashion for about 15 years, in China they are still very popular, with cities plagued by them. It must be remembered that with the mining fever, these were closed to function as mining farmssince they generated more money.

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Along with all of the above, it must be taken into account that it is in China where almost all of these GPUs are manufactured and assembled. That is why it is also one of the largest consumers of this component. Despite this, the global economic situation affects everyone. To this are also added some of the latest bans specific technology imposed on the country. In addition, the festivities linked to the Chinese New Year took place recently, which practically they paralyzed the industry. In these cases, factories operate at a minimum to avoid total stagnation.

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All this caused GPU sales to be reduced by 42%. This includes all type of GPU. However, shipments experienced a slight uptick of 9% compared to the previous month (December 2022). As indicated, this is due to various offers from brands to clean up the stock of GPUs that were collecting dust on the shelves. This is also linked to the need to get rid of them to make room for the new generation of graphics.

Winners, losers and a recovery just around the corner


Among all the sales, it was the local assembler, colorful, the one that managed to sell the most graphics cards, something with great logic. Behind us, we have the rest of the best-known brands in our markets, such as ASUS, Esports ExtrasBYTE and MSI. On the other, to GALAX (KFA2 in Europe) fared somewhat better than its rivals. This assembler managed to increase the number of shipments globally compared to the previous year. Among the manufacturers that sold less, is Gainward and ZOTAC.

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channels report that the worst is over and GPU manufacturers hope that shipments pick up in February. The arrival of new hardware and products, such as next-generation laptops, is expected to lead to increased sales. Of course, partly because the current hardware will have to resort to discounts so that they stop collecting dust on the shelves. Of course, we will have to wait to see what discounts we are talking about, and if they meet expectations.

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