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GPU shipments fell 15.4% during Q4 2022

According to the latest data provided by the market analyst Jon Peddie Research (JPR), during the Fourth Quarter of 2022 (Q4 2022), PC GPU shipments fell by 15.4% compared to Q3 2022. If we compare these data with the previous year, the drop is more pronounced: 38% to be exact. To be exact, they managed to send a total of 64.2 million graphics cards.

“Overall, GPUs will have a CAGR of 0.19% during 2022-2026 and will reach an installed base of 3.013 million units by the end of the forecast period. Over the next five years, GPU penetration (dGPU) in PCs will grow to reach a level of 32%”, indicates the market analyst.

Intel steals share from NVIDIA and AMD holds onto GPU shipments in Q4 2022

Market share in GPU shipments Q4 2022

Of this 64.2 million graphics cards that shipped in Q4 2022, 71% of them were made by NVIDIA. Intel continues to grow timidly representing second place with 17% of these GPUs shipped. AMD is content to remain as it was during Q3 2022, and its participation did not change 12%.

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If we look at the data regarding Q4, but from 2021, NVIDIA increased its share by 9%. Intel has seen reduced their presence by 2%, while AMD lost it too but with a reduction of 6%.

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If we talk about all GPUs on the market (embedded, external, desktop, laptop, and workstation), the take-up rate was 118%. 3% more than the previous quarter. On the other hand, the company also speaks of the CPU market for PC. This other component experienced a drop in shipments of -17.4% compared to Q3 2022, and -35.3% compared to Q4 2021.

total shipment of GPUs shipped in Q4 2022

“Total graphics processor shipments (integrated/embedded and discrete) this quarter are down a staggering -15.3% from the prior quarter, contributing to a 10-year historical average rate decline of 6.8%. A total of 64 million units shipped in the quarter, representing a decrease of -38.5 million units from the same quarter of the previous year, indicating that the GPU market is negative on a year-over-year basis,” said Jon Peddie, CEO of JPR.

“GPUs have been a leading indicator of the market, as they are installed in systems before PCs are shipped by vendors. Most semiconductor manufacturers have given a downward guidance for the coming quarter, with an average of -6.44%. Last quarter, the average was -0.21%, too high.”

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